Best Dog Proof Litter Box

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Many people nowadays have cats in their homes. This could be a result of the most recent research by the cardiologists, which concluded that people who own cats have a 30 percent less chance of getting heart diseases.

Keeping in mind that over 360,000 Americans die from various heart diseases, you will now make sense out of why many people, especially the own elderly cats. With the many benefits you can get from a cat, you should also expect a few drawbacks.

Before people become aware that cats can be trained to behave, things were filthy around the houses. Mousers could urinate almost anywhere in the house. This resulted in the house smelling bad.

Luckily litter trays were introduced, and people could train their cats to use them. This has been a lifesaver to many cat owners, but not so much to those few who also have pups in their home.

Often you will find your dog trashing your cat’s litter box resulting to even more dirt around the house. This has now become a new challenge that people have had to face. With the introduction of the dog proof litter box, things have become now better.

With such products, you will be sure that your cat's mess is safe and free from being spread all over your living room by your dog. Below are some of the best dog proof litter trays you will get on the market.

Best Dog Proof Litter Box List



This is a brand you can trust; it is known to manufacture top-notch products. With their XL model, you will have two entry points where your cat can gain entrance easily. The first entry is on the sides of the box and the second on the top side.

One thing you are going to like about this product is that the entrances are big enough to allow cats of any size to pass through without any hassle. The side door is beneficial when you have little kits or an elderly cat that may have difficulties using the top entrance.

It is common for many cats to dig before they can relieve themselves, and this can be messier. With this product, you won't have to worry about any of that because of the top entrance.

Closing the side entrance and opening the top ensures that no dirt is scattered all over the space. The inner liner of the litter is also recyclable; this means that you can use it more than once. In addition to that, you are going to have an easy time washing the fabric. 

Each top corner of this product has hooks that are used to hold the liner in place; this makes it easy to remove and keep it in place.


  • The inner liner is made of sturdy fabric which is not easy for your cat to tear
  • The inner fabric is also easy to wash
  • The product reduces the bad smell of cat feces 


  • Some customer think that the product is highly-priced
  • The top lid is knocked off easily by large cats



One thing that makes this litter box stand out among the rest is the use of filters that absorb the bad smell of your cats' feces and urine. One thing you want to do is to firmly secure it in place to prevent your kittens from shredding it. You also need to be aware that they are sold separately.

The product has a swing door, which helps in ensuring that what happens inside the box remains there. The handle fitted on the top side will give you an easy time moving the product from one station to another if the need arises.

Many customers appreciate the effortless installation, besides the item has four locking pads that keep the unit rigid and stable. Also, the top cover easily opens, allowing you to clean the inside with little trouble.

If you have more than one cat, I believe this is the product you should choose. The interior is very spacious and can accommodate two cats at a go.


  • If you reside in the UK, you are lucky you will get free delivery
  • The box is spacious enough to accommodate two cats conveniently
  • It is long-lasting


  • The swing door seems heavy; this may be a problem to kittens
  • You will need to secure the filters since some customers have observed their kittens shredding the filters not secured firmly in place



The product that will offer you the best solution to littering and tracking is the jumbo hooded litter box. It has raised the door just enough to prevent your cat from scattering away dirt while digging but also to allow easy entrance. In addition to that, there if a flip door to help you on the same.

The jumbo hooded unit comes with a scoop that you can easily handle and clean the interior of the box. The curved corner at the bottom makes it easy for you to clean the box. You don’t have to worry about the size of the product.

It is one of the largest in the market, and your cats shouldn't have any problems sharing it. Your kitten will be able to move around the unit and fit a perfect spot to relieve herself.

Another essential feature about the product is that at the top there is a small panel which you can easily lift to give you room to clean the unit. With the handle fitted, it is going to be easy to move it around. I highly suggest that you buy this unit for your kittens.


  • The fitted handle makes it highly portable
  • The smooth curved bottom edges make it easier to clean the interior
  • You won’t have any problems with litter scattering because of the flap entry


  • Some customers find the holes in the scoop too big to be practical
  • There have been some cases of missing equipment like the scoop



The Booda Dome litter box is another great product that your cat is going to like. The manufactures are well known for producing fantastic pet equipment; as a result, you can trust their litter unit.

The product has a sleek design that you are also going to like. From its name, you will notice that it is dome-shaped. In addition to that, it has ribbed stairs that play a significant role in keeping your floor free from litters.

As your feline walks on the stairs, the litters on the feet are scrubbed off and remain on the steps. One feature that is of importance to this product is the incorporation of the charcoal filter.

The inner side of the dome-shaped cover is covered with charcoal that absorbs and filters the odor from your cat poop. This feature has made it possible for the cat owner to place the unit almost anywhere in the house.

The size and the weight make it highly portable, this should be a bonus, in addition to the availability of the product in different colors.


  • The design is attractive
  • The product is available in different colors
  • The ribbed stair greatly helps to keep your floor free from litters


  • Some have reported that it is quite challenging to clean
  • The seam on the bottom leaks the urinate over time, at least that is what some users claim



The design of this product is what makes it stand out among the rest. It has two identical half trays that can be used separately or joined to make one large enclosed litter box. If you have many kittens, you could choose to use the unit separately, thereby serving many cats at ones.

The plastic that has been used in the making of this unit is not only durable but also shiny; this gives it an excellent visual appeal. You can, therefore, place this product anywhere in your house since it may add on the vibrancy of your space.

Just like other items, the kitty twister comes with a scoop that will come in handy during the disposing of the litters. The Kitty DUO is one of the largest litter boxes on the market; some users find it unsettling, but I am sure the cats won’t be bothered by the extra space.

One thing you may find not interesting about the unit in the absence of the handles, which has made it tricky to move it around. But that shouldn't be a problem you can easily select a spot in your house and place it there.

You are also going to like the simplicity of the item, it is easy to use, and your cats are going to have an easy time with it. There are no doors and other features that small and aging cats may find hard to get used to using. Finally, the unit is easy to clean. 


  • It is made from a shiny plastic that gives it a great look
  • The unit is quite spacious
  • The entrance is of the right size and well-positioned


  • Some users find the unit unnecessarily large
  • The product has got no handles this has made it hard to move it around

Things to Consider While Purchasing Your Dog Proof Litter Box

If you are a feline owner, you must know how embarrassing and unpleasant it is to enter your house, and you are greeted with your cats’ poop scattered all over the place. This is a common phenomenon, especially to those who also own pooch.

To avoid such scenes, I have reviewed the best litter boxes that will keep your dog away from the mess of your cat. In this section, I am going to take you through some of the guidelines you need to follow so that you can pick the unit that best suite your needs.


The majority of the litter pans have two types of openings; the access can either be on the sides or the top of the unit. You need to know what kind of entrance is suitable for your cat. But how will you know the type to pick?

That should not worry you; it’s quite simple. If you have small kittens, then the side doors would be more useful since there may have difficulties jumping up to use the top entrance. This also applies to those who own old cats.

On the other hand, if you have a feline that is active and at its prime stage, a unit with a top entrance would be quite appropriate. One advantage of using a top side entrance is that there will be no litter tracking on your floor.

You should also be keen if you get a product that has a flip door, some kittens may have problems pushing the door. So you would want to make sure that the door is light and opens swiftly.


The ease in moving around with your product is something you need to factor in before settling on the item. If you love to move around, I suggest that you buy a product with handles for easy carrying of the item.

You should also make sure that the weight of the item is manageable. You should go for something that you can carry for an extended period without getting tired, and that is a light product.

It is necessary to ensure that your unit does not leak at the bottom. Be aware that some boxes do leak the urine, and this can be embarrassing. You also need to ensure that the unit you are going to buy has a mechanism to eliminate the odor.

Feline behavior

Your feline deportment should be your priority when choosing the product. Just like humans, cats behave differently from others. You don’t expect that all cats are the same. Some are misbehaving.

Therefore you will find that some cats prefer staying all the time indoors while others like running and spending time outdoors. I suggest that you take your time and get to know the environment your cat prefers.

Being able to know the environment you cat-like is essential and will help you select the most appropriate product. If your cat likes roaming on the bushes outside and spends most of the time outdoors, you probably don't need a litter box. Reason being that your cat will take a poop outside.

On the other hand, if you have a cat that loves the indoor environment, well, you have no option but to get e litter pan. Imagine buying a unit for a cat that loves staying outdoors that would be a waste of money

Rivalry pets

The pet lovers who keep both dogs and cats will agree with me when I say that the two do not blend well. Dogs have been known to be harsh to cats; the two fightings are something you don't want to see.

On the same line, dogs also like to trash litter boxes for felines. It is because of this reason that I have reviewed for you some of the best dog proof cat units. Those who don't have dogs are not compelled as much as those who own dogs to purchase the product on the topic.

If you also keep dogs, you need to buy the unit to prevent the dog from making a scene with your cats' poop. Besides, the unit can provide shelter for your cat when the need arises, given that the two like fighting.


This is a factor that cuts across many products in the market; different items have different price tags. It would be wise to go for the items you can easily afford. It is important to remember that you are just buying a unit to help your cat dispose of its poop decently.

Therefore you don't have to go for stylish products; they tend to cost much, but hey, if you are made of gold, why not? You can go on and buy any brand you desire given you can afford. Just make sure that the item you choose is practical.

Caution! Keep away from cheap items; as you are aware cheap is expensive. You will end up replacing your product now, and then if you go for a cheap one and in the end, you incur more expenses.

Is your cat trained?

Believe it or not, cats can also be trained just like dogs, although the methods used in training the two differ. All the cats you have using the litter box have been trained to do so, that behavior doesn’t come naturally.

If, for some reason, you don't find litter box to be practical and convenient for you, try and train your dog to poop outside. This trick seems to work properly only to those felines that love to jump and play outside.
Now, if you have a feline that loves to stay indoors, you will have no other option but to buy her a litter box. The next thing that will follow is you to train her to use it.


Factoring this tip will best serve your cat’s needs. I would suggest that you go to spacious litter units. This is because your feline will have enough room to poop and exit the unit with less tracking comfortably.

Look for designs that assure the ease of your cat to use the unit, less tracking, and safety. Some cats have problems pooping in open places. If you have such a feline, then I suggest that you go for products with flip doors to offer the required alone time.

I recommend that you should consider buying units with washable inner fabric, most preferably lean towards those with inner liners because they are recyclable. If your planning position it somewhere in your living area, you can go for a design that matches your surroundings.

Size and number of your feline

With varying sizes of the litter boxes on the market, you need to keep in mind the size of your cat to purchase the right product. If you have kittens that are still young, buying a small unit with lower doors will be the best idea.
You also need to factor in the dimensions of the entrance. If you have a large cat, it will have to buy a product with large enough doors for your feline to fit comfortably. Generally, you need a large litter pan to minimize tracking.
The number of felines you have should also determine the type of product you are going to buy. Say you have five cats, the need for you to buy more than one litter unit is higher. It will not be practical to have just one unit.
While you are still pondering about the above tips, make sure to also check on the available space you can spare in your house to position the unit. It will help you to select the litter box of the right size.


As I finish my review, I would like to appreciate you for taking your time and going through my review. It is always important that before you purchase anything to do a little research of your own.

I am hoping that this write-up has been helpful to you. I have written it with the primary aim of giving you reliable information about each product in the discussion. If you found this post useful, then I believe you need to pick my highly recommended item.

The XL model by the Modkat is the product that I highly recommend you should purchase. The liner is easy to wash and is made from comfy fabric, which is also scratch-resistant. The large size of the entrances makes it easier for all felines to use easily.

Also, the product has two entrances, which many people prefer, especially those who own elderly cats. With the item, I am recommending there will be no bad smell of your cats' feces in your surroundings. Go to the nearest store and get it! 

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