Best Dog Food for Puppies

Wag Dry Dog Food for Puppies

Wag Dry Dog Food for Puppies

Wellness Core Natural Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

Wellness Core Natural Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

Rachael Ray Nutrish Bright Puppy Dry Dog Food

Rachael Ray Nutrish Bright Puppy Dry Dog Food

Are you looking for buying foods for your puppies? You are probably aware of the fact that the young pups will not be able to eat what you perhaps be given to the adult puppies. They will need some extra care with food and get the ones that are right for them. To find the right one, we will ask you to follow our guidelines on the best dog food for puppies.

The thing about puppies is that they are in a stage that requires great attention and some specific food ingredient to get the best opportunity of growth. The ingredients you will find in healthy dog food may not be enough for the puppies, and they can cause some digestive problems for them as well. That is why there are different kinds of food made for young puppies.

Just like any other item for dogs, there are thousands of brands of foods available. Among them, finding on that is a good match for young puppies can be a tough task. Because there are just too many options, and your puppy may need some certain products while you may not need the others. You will have to spend a lot of time searching them up. And if you are someone who has to work everyday or have to be busy a lot of the times of the day or week, you are going to find it more hard to manage time for research.

But no need to worry. We have gone ahead and done all the needed research. We did our study based on ingredients, nutrition balance, needs, breeds, age, size, and many other important facts and found the top five products that could be the best option for your small puppy. We gathered all the information about them and put them on a list to have everything easily. So, keep on reading ahead to know everything. 

Best Dog Food for Puppies List


Wag Dry Dog Food for Puppies

Wag Dry Dog Food for Puppies

The first option we have for you is the Wag Dry Dog Food for the puppies. Due to the premium ingredients and balanced nutrients, this is our best choice. Wag is a California based family-owned business that has been a trusted source for many dog owners worldwide.

All the ingredients containing in this formula is super high quality and has been exported from trustworthy sources. The blend is considered to be a great provider for the young puppies and their valuable diet. With the premium list of ingredients, the whole product only contains 35% protein, which is considered an excellent balance for puppies. As for the flavor, it comes with a fantastic scent of real American chicken.

The chicken added in this formula is 100% real. The mixture is going to provide your puppy with the most delicious food experience that they will not be able to say no to it. Most of the nutrition of the formula comes from vegetables such as lentils and peas. They are going to make the method enrich with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and phytonutrients. There are even salmon oil and flaxseed in it that are the source of omega-3 fatty acids that includes a long chain of DHA.

When the formula is creamy with ingredients, there are chances it may contain something allergic. But as for this one, there are no added grain, corn, or wheat, which are some of the most common sources of detrimental ingredients. Also, the creators have made sure not to use any artificial colors, flavors, or any chemical preservatives, which can cause serious harm to your young puppies. 

You can be assured that this formula will bring more benefits to your puppy. Every ingredient was chosen by experienced veterinarians to make the best blend with protein and fat. But one thing you could keep in your mind is that you may have to wait a few days to get used to the food, especially the ones with a sensitive stomach. It is always better to get the five pounds trial size for the first time. But if you are sure, you can get fifteen pounds afterward at a very affordable price.


  • Balanced protein and fat
  • Chicken flavor
  • Contains no grain, or artificial ingredients
  • Formulated by veterinarians
  • A trustworthy source for ingredients
  • Affordable price


  • A few of the ingredients may cause some allergic reaction.


Wellness Core Natural Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

Wellness Core Natural Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

The next up, we have the Wellness CORE Natural Grain-Free Dry Dog Food for you. The main reason for choosing this one is because of the fantastic proportion of the high-quality ingredients that work together to create the perfect blend to provide young puppies with what they need.

The food has all the necessary advanced natural nutrition to work their way by providing your puppy with the best life leading materials. It has all the sources of premium protein to expertly balance all the nutrients to create the most amazingly balanced dog food. There are no added fillers but have a good ratio of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. They are not only good for the health but also the canines, and they are suitable for puppies of all ages and sizes.

The food is made with the idea to support the healthy grown and development of a puppy. It has the perfect level of DHA that is gotten from salmon oils. It is going to support brain development, work to make a sound immune system, and bone strength. There are even antioxidants, calcium, and phosphorus on it that contributes a lot to all the purpose the food is trying to serve. You will be happy to know that there are no added fillers, artificial ingredients, additives, or any GMO ingredients that can be harmful to young pups.

The main concentration of the food is on the protein balance with the fresh meat used as the ingredient. This will make the core strength and provide the perfect mass for the body and muscles. There are also omega fatty acids, glucosamine, probiotics, and taurine that will be beneficial for the skin and coat. A lot of users have commented that after taking the food, the coating has been smoother than ever. One of the providers of this reason is the kibble, which is known to be the best ingredient for better skin and provides gut-friendly probiotics. 


  • Balanced fat, protein, and carbohydrate
  • Does not contain artificial stuff
  • Good for health and canine
  • Has probiotics and other essential vitamins
  • Free of wheat, corn, soy, or any other grains


  • A little expensive than a lot of products


Rachael Ray Nutrish Bright Puppy Natural Premium Dry Dog Food

Rachael Ray Nutrish Bright Puppy Dry Dog Food

As for the next product, we have a trendy USA based brand, which is known for the quality product that they have been serving to their loyal customers for years. This time we are bringing you the Rachael Ray Nutrish Bright Puppy Natural Premium Dry Dog Food.

This food is a lot famous for having a great and irresistible taste to it. It is due to the fact that it has real chicken on it. Here we are not talking about chicken meals. The chicken used in this formula is from a trustworthy source for farms that raises the chickens. You can be 100% sure that the protein your puppy will receive is going to be more beneficial than any other product.

Not only the chicken, but all the other sources of ingredients are also equally trustworthy. The formula has some of the best fruits on it that are enriched with all the necessary things your puppy needs to get on their system during the early age. The containing food is going to provide them with all the antioxidants that are highly needed for supporting the best immune system. The count for calories is about 3673 kcal or 390 kcal per cup.

All the blends of protein, fat, DHA, and vitamins will support your pup to build good immunity, high vision, and great brain development. You are going to be happy to know that there are no poultry by-products, artificial flavors, colors, or any preservatives added onto it. It has all the natural sources of ingredients. You also need to keep in mind that the blend may cause some stomach discomfort due to a few of the ingredients. As for the price tag, it is by far the most affordable one from our list.


  • Affordable product
  • Real chicken as ingredients
  • Natural ingredients
  • No artificial stuff
  • Contains fruits antioxidants


  • May cause an upset stomach


Orijen Large Puppy Formula Dog Food

Orijen Large Puppy Formula Dog Food

If you own a large breed puppy, you may find it hard to get the perfect food item on your hand. But no more worries, as this suggestion we are going to provide you with the best food option of large breed puppies. This is the Orijen Large Puppy Formula Dog Food; you are not going to regret purchasing.

For your large puppy, you will need to have richer and more nutritious food items. As for this one, it will provide the perfect balance to them. The formula is created to provide with most updated whole animal ingredients that are fresh and enriched with beneficial, healthy ingredients. The formula has free-run chicken and turkey on it that contributes to creating the perfect flavor to this dish.

There is more than chicken and turkey to this food formula. They have added wild-caught fish, yellowtail flounder, and cage-free eggs. These items are quite rare to see in dog foods, but they are quite important. It is going to create a blend that is not only beneficial for health but will work relentlessly to develop each portion of your dog profoundly. This dry grainy food formula also has a variety of fruits and vegetables on it to get all the necessary minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants on this perfect formula.

With the added 85% high-quality animal ingredients, this food is going to nourish your dog with all the natural and biological providers. It is extremely important that a young puppy receives as much as a natural source for the food. Not only that, but the product does not have any grain on it, which makes it way better product. Once you start to provide your pup with this food formula, their life will change in the best way possible.


  • Has chicken and turkey on it
  • Full of natural ingredients
  • Perfect for large breed dogs
  • Comes with the perfect balance 


  • It is the most expensive product from our list.


Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Grain Free Natural Puppy Wet Dog Food

Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Grain Free Natural Puppy Wet Dog Food

To end our list of the best dog food for puppies, we are going to suggest a great option from a very well-known brand. The brand is known to be Blue Buffalo, which is considered one of the most famous ones around the world. This time we have their Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Grain Free Natural Puppy Wet Dog Food.

As for the best-wet food for puppies, no other option will be as good as this one. Once your puppies get a hold of this delicious food, they will not want anything else in their mouth. Just like many other dog foods, this one is packed with real turkey and chicken. When we say real turkey and chicken, we mean that the ingredients are from a trustworthy farm, and there is nothing to be disappointed about.
Your dog will not take much time to fall in love with the amazing flavor of this food. The formula contains a lot of DHA and some of the most important amino acids. These ingredients are going to provide your puppy with the greatest support for their cognitive development. Apart from this, there are potatoes and some oatmeal on this product that will help your puppy to have good digestion and promote the betterment of their healthy skin and coat with the help of omega fatty acids.

There are three ways you can feed your dog this food; you can make it as a treat for their playtime, mix it with some of their favorite dry food, or just feed as normal food as well. There are no boundaries as to which one you are going to select. The natural ingredients of this food are going to make sure that your puppy is getting the full and enhanced benefits of the vitamins and minerals that are provided by the natural formula resources.

The wholesome ingredients are going to make sure your puppy is staying healthy in every way. You will not have to worry about poultry, corn, wheat, or any other artificial products to have in this formula as it is totally free of them. They are trustworthy and work their way to make sure puppies' life healthy by providing them with all the necessary items.


  • Best wet food
  • Can be fed three ways
  • Helps to develop cognitive abilities
  • Does not contains artificial ingredients


  • Has some of the grains on them

Things to Consider Before Purchasing the Best Dog Food for Puppies

For all the people owning a young or newborn puppy must be very tense with all the responsibilities they have. If you are one of them, you will not have to stress too much as we are here to help you with everything. The most intense problem one can face while raising a young puppy is regarding finding the right food for them.

The thing about food is that they are not as easy to find as human food. Dog foods come in a package, which means you have to get one that will serve all the purposes you need. You cannot just buy several foods and hope the dog will prefer everything. Food is probably the most critical factor in their growth, and no ignorance can have a place in this matter.

There is plenty of option available for you to choose from, but the more options are there, the more confused you will get because each of the formulae of these foods is different, and each of them has their way of working it harder to choose. To ensure that your dog is getting all the right things, you will have to be sure that you are looking for the right option.

We have already suggested the options that we found the best and currently available for you to purchase. But before you choose one among them, we will ask you to consider a few of the things that are going to help you find the right product out of every option.

Best Dog Food for Puppies


The first thing you have to consider is the ingredients used on them. The parts are the most critical factor in dog foods, as they will tell you what your dog is going to have and whatnot. You have to focus on the ingredients as you will get to know all the balanced materials in them and if there are any harmful ingredients to them. Dogs can be prone to allergies and other problems due to some of the food items. That is why you need to make sure that the food you are selecting does not contain anything that can harm your dog's health.



The next thing to consider is the breed of your dog. Some foods are only made for certain types of kinds. These foods are not going to be much useful for the other races, so you will want to skip those products if they do not match your dog's breed. You will have to make sure you know your dog's type and find the perfect food option according to the necessary needs.



The next thing that you can remind yourself when purchasing is the balance of fat, proteins, and other nutrition on the food formula. Your dog should always maintain a specific diet that will work the best for them by providing them with the right balance of products. The menu they are going to follow will surely have everything sorted out. You need to make sure that you are following what is required when purchasing the food products. Some of the food may have imbalance ingredients, which can mess up the regular diet of your puppy. To avoid this, you need to select the product according to the balance.



The last thing we want you to consider is the price. Some of you may have a limited budget to buy the food. There is no need for being heartless on this matter. Many of those brands have a formula that can be found with the right budget. Also, some of those high budget products will have the best method, so if you can afford it, you should go for them.

Frequently Asked Questions of The Best Dog Food for Puppies


What is the Main Difference Between the Food of Adult and Young Dogs?

The main difference is that they will have different ingredient and nutrition balance. The balance will contribute to how health is improving, and exchanging them is not the best idea.


How Long Should I Keep Feeding My Puppy These Foods?

You should be giving them the puppy food until they reach their adult form. You will know once you can see that they are 80% close to their adult form.


Can I Give Young Puppies Regular Food?

It is not the best idea to give your puppies regular food as they can cause an upset stomach and some other digestive problems.


That was all from our completed guideline on finding the best dog food for puppies. We tried our best to gather up all the right and essential information so that you could take the chance of the highest benefits on finding the right one. We can only hope our suggestion will work properly. If you are still confused about choosing the correct one, we recommend you go with the Wag Dry Dog Food, which is our editor's pick for being the best one with the most amazing features and quality.

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