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Leaving your dog at home alone is not usually a good idea. In unavoidable circumstances, it would be recommended that you lock the pet in a dog crate. The crate is a safety option for valuables in your home and the dog too.

It’s occurred to many dog owners that they left their dogs uncaged only to find everything around the home in a terrible mess. Important valuables such as portraits, television screens and fragile items may be destroyed by the dog.

Some items that are sharp and heavy may injure the dog the moment they come into contact. This is dangerous because it causes possible death of the pet in situations where response services aren’t prompt and emergent.

The only way to guarantee the dog’s safety and protection would be the acquisition of a heavy-duty dog crate. The main reason you should purchase a heavy-duty crate is because of the ineffectiveness of standard models.

Dogs tend to break free from weaker standard crates, either by pushing the walls aside or tampering with the door lock creatively.

We highly recommend heavy duty crates. We have included the best ones from top rated manufacturers here.

Best Heavy-Duty Dog Crate List


ProSelect Empire

The strength of the crate ensures that the dog doesn’t escape during confinement. The walls are made of tubes of steel that have thick diameters. Force from the dog won’t push them or cause them to fall off.

The door-latch structure is secure. ProSelect Empire put in a lot of effort in designing a heavy duty crate. The dog is incapable of destroying the structure of the crate to find its way out.

The medium size of the crate makes it the best option. Most dogs can fit comfortably in the cage without feeling too confined. There is enough room for some movement. It is easy to clean as the floor is grated.

Casters are detachable. You can attach them whenever you need to roll the crate somewhere else. Some dogs are extremely heavy. The casters make movement easier.

Everything about the crate is durable. The walls are made of durable steel, thick enough keep the dog confined for the required time.


  • Steel is heavy duty, durable and resistant to rust.
  • Casters can be attached to the cage's bottom. They make movement of the cage easier, especially during transportation.
  • The door-latch system is secure. Your dog won’t escape.
  • It is medium-sized to fit most dogs.
  • The crate is easy to clean. It’s floor is grated.


  • Some dogs were able to find their way out by pushing the front door.



The Smonter cage is made of steel that is heavy duty. It is tough unlike standard models and works just as fine as premium crates. The unique feature of the crate is the non-toxicity of the bars. The dog’s health won’t be at risk. It is safe.

Cleaning the crate is easy and fast. The metallic parts of the cage have been coated to improve resistance to rust. The bars don’t corrode when in contact with fluids. These features make it more durable.

The doors can be double locked for additional security. The locking system hinders the dog’s efforts in getting out.

There are wheels on the lower part of the cage. They make it easier for you to move the crate around, as they roll easily. Assembling the crate for use is an easy process. It will be up and working in less than 60 minutes.


  • Smonter crates are available in 3 colors.
  • The crate is affordable. Despite this, it still possesses unique features of premium cages.
  • The doors can be double locked to minimize efforts by dogs to escape.
  • You’ll easily clean the crate.
  • The cage can be put together in a few minutes. Assembly isn’t time-consuming.
  • Steel bars won’t rust or corrode.


  • The locks can be opened when the dog uses it’s tongue to push the lever.


Impact Collapsible

Impact Collapsible dog crate is another heavy duty cage whose design was done professionally and uniquely. The heavy duty title befits it, from the corners to the structure. It has been properly ventilated to keep the pup calm and comfortable. The dog won’t suffocate.

I’ve come across many dog crates, but none of them matches the Impact Collapsible in structure. This one is foldable. It can be extended upwards when you need to keep your dog. When it’s not in use, you can simply fold it.

The foldability aspect makes it easy to store. It’s compact this way, and doesn’t take a lot of space. Aluminum is used to design the cage. It is durable and resistant to rust. The corners won’t crush as they are heavy duty.


  • There are wheels that make it easy to transport or roll the cage.
  • Handles have been added to the top.
    The cage is built in the USA. It has IATA certification too.
  • There are three sizes, the large, small and medium cages.
  • Cages can be folded for compact storage.
  • Heavy duty aluminum has been used to construct the cage.
  • Ventilation spaces give the dog calmness and comfort.


  • The cage is expensive.



The LUCKUP cage is made of steel, not just common steel but heavy duty steel that is resistant to rust. Corrosion won’t be a problem as the steel coating keeps elements such as moisture away.

You can attach the casters to the crate when you need to move it around. Transporting the dog won’t drain your energy. Some parts of the cage aren’t preassembled. You may be required to put the parts together before making the crate ready for your dog to step in.

The assembly process is not complicated. It takes less than half an hour and you are done. There are different sizes that you can pick, depending on the size of your dog. You can choose your preferred color, it’s either black or silver.


  • The double door system keeps the cage secure and tightly locked.
  • There are different sizes. Your choice depends on the size of your dog.
  • It is easy to assemble the cage.
  • Steel does not rust. It is also resistant to corrosion.
  • Casters facilitate movement of the crate by rolling.


  • The lock of the cage is easily breakable.


Homey XL

Homey cages are extra large. They are suitable for big and heavy hounds.

They have sufficient space to make the dog feel comfortable and relaxed, even when you are not around. Reinforcement has been done to make them resistant to impact, that is, in case the dog gets ferocious while finding his way out.

There is a small door through which you can feed the dog. The tray that stays at the bottom can easily be pulled out for cleaning. Due to the weight factor, these crates are built to hold up to 150 lbs. Lockable casters that are heavy duty have been incorporated.

The chain lock system is secure. The dog won’t get out even when using force. The floor is made of plastic. It is comfortable for the dog. Well spaced bars are used to provide the dog with ventilation and to prevent him or her from breaking free.


  • The cages are large and spacious. In case you own a large hound, this is the model to go for.
  • Casters can be attached when there is need for transportation.
  • It is an easy crate to clean. The tray can be pulled out for cleaning.
  • The floor is comfortable as it is made of plastic.
  • The dog can be fed through a small door.


  • You may be required to assemble the cage on your own.
  • The assembling process can be frustrating as the instructions provided are quite difficult to understand.

Things to look for in a heavy duty dog crate

Safety of the dog should be a matter of priority whenever you purchase any item that is meant for the dog, be it a cage, a muzzle or a leash.

Leaving dogs on their own and unattended to when you aren’t around the home is very dangerous. Dogs may loiter around and tamper with sensitive objects that may affect their health, either by injuring them or causing death.

Sometimes, even when a dog is locked, there are possibilities that he or she may escape. The problem here may be the cage itself. Some dogs are strong and can’t be contained in standard cages. They always find their way out of crates built with weak points.

To keep your dog safe and securely locked when you are not around, manufacturers chose to upgrade designs by constructing heavy duty crates. These are made of durable metal on the sides that won’t break or tear apart when the dog attempts to break free.

Most dogs don’t like the confined nature of crate spaces. They howl, scratch and push against the side walls in a frenzy to escape. A crate with weak walls will easily give in at such junctures.

Dogs sometimes get injured as they struggle to free themselves, often due to the structure of the material used to construct the crate.

In a much as you need the side walls to be hard and rigid, you are supposed to ensure that the bars are not too rugged or extremely hard to compromise the pup's health or body when pushing against the bars.
The bars should be designed using durable materials that won’t break or fall apart when a strong hound pushes against them.

Furthermore, a crate that has proper ventilation will be a darling for most dogs, as they will be comfortable and calm. Safety is guaranteed with a secure locking system in place.

Finding a crate with a double locking system isn’t difficult. Similarly, some doors close automatically when the door is pushed. The dog cannot escape in such a cage.

As you keep your dog safe, it is unavoidable that the pup will pee or poop. To keep the cage clean, you will be required to remove the tray or dislodge the whole cage to wash it well. A crate with removable features such as the tray will be easier to clean.

With all these considerations in place, my best advice to you would be to look for a long term solution. It is always wise to invest in the best crate.

Ways in which dogs tend to escape

The criteria you use while picking the crate of your choice is dependent on the dog’s common escaping mechanism. You shouldn’t neglect this element as it is the best way to work on the weaknesses of the crate and eventually find the right cage.

For example, it would only be logical for you to find a crate with an automatic locking system in case your dog is witty enough to work out the structure of previous locks when escaping.

The same works for dogs that escape using extreme force. You can reinforce the bars by acquiring crates that have stronger side walls, made of either aluminum or steel.

Chewing on the crate's weak points

Dogs’ teeth are so sharp. They are strong as well. This means they can bite through fabric, soft plastic and hard one as well.

This is a known fact because many dog owners in possession of standard crates have complained of the tendency of dogs to break free just by chewing the weakest parts of the cage.

Some miniature connectors are made of metal. Witty dogs still learn how to reduce the effectiveness of the connectors by loosening them till they hold the cage no more. This way, dogs easily get out by felling the sides apart.

Doors can also be dislocated the same way connectors are dislodged. All the dog does is to find the weakest part on the door, work on it consistently either by chewing or scratching until it holds no more.

The crate you pick should be designed with tough connectors that don’t give in easily in the presence of a confined dog.

Handling the latch system

Witty and creative dogs are commonly known for tampering with the latch structures placed on doors for security. Dogs don’t give up easily. They would make numerous attempts, over and over, until they achieve the primary goals in mind.

You may have faith in the structure of the system because of its complexity. Absurdly, if there’s one thing you need to know about dogs, it’s that they are consistent till the end. They can dislodge complex systems in a matter of days.

The best thing to consider would be a model with a double-door system. Automatic closure is the better option, as it can barely be opened from the inside. Always ensure that the door is reinforced properly.
Using force

Dogs sometimes use energy to force their way out. This is achieved when the dog bends the bars apart, or finds a point between the door and the side walls that bulges and makes way during escape.
The material of the cage will determine how easy and fast the dog will find its way out. Heavy duty materials give cages exceptional strength. This will prevent the dog from escaping, even when using force or energy.

Material used: metal is recommended

There are dog owners who have attempted purchasing plastic cages. For smaller and calm dogs, I can say that owners were really pleased with the functionality.

The problem was seen in stronger and ferocious dogs that develop anxiety when they are far or apart from their owners. Such dogs could break out in minutes. Plastic wouldn’t work for most dogs.

Metal is the recommended material for a dog crate. You should not just pick any metal because some types aren’t coated with rust-free material. Others are toxic. You need to find metals of aluminum or stainless steel, as these are durable, safe and high quality.

Solidity of the walls

Sidewalls of the cage should be solidly built. Solid construction would require a manufacturer to use rugged material that is indestructible.

In as much as you need to find solidly built cages for your dogs, you are advised not to neglect the aspect of ventilation. A dog crate will only be perfect and workable if it has adequate ventilating spaces.

A solid wall will ensure that the pet doesn’t push through when attempting to break free. The bars should be spaced in a way that prevents dogs from fitting their heads out.


The cage should be properly ventilated. Dogs are sometimes restless when they are anxious and nervous. Keeping your pet in a confined space that is dark and with no airspaces is the wrong thing to do.

A well ventilated cage will provide the dog with a calm environment, even when in a closed space. Ventilation also gives the dog comfort. Dogs will barely struggle to get out when they are breathing just fine in a crate.

The other problem that develops in a poorly ventilated crate is the risk of bacterial infection. Due to poor air quality, the crate becomes damp easily, and dampness creates a conducive environment for the growth of bacteria.

Effective tips

The first step you can take toward finding the best crate to keep your dog would be observing the dog attempting to escape.

You can do this by hiding in adjacent rooms to watch the dog as it escapes, or installing webcams around the dog’s cage. Either way, you will know how the dog works out the escape routine.

The main reason why we don’t advocate for your presence is because dogs make escape attempts when there are no people around.

Weak points that the dog takes advantage of can be reinforced in the crate you pick next. In case the dog uses force and muscles to escape, you can reinforce the weak door or sidewalls, by finding a durable metal.

The use of a zip tie or duct tapes works fine for calm pups. Most dogs have sharp teeth that can slice through tape in seconds. The same works for a zip tie.

Dogs can easily tear apart a zip tie to break free. The stronger the closure system, the more effective it is at keeping the door locked and the pet secure.

In case you notice that the dog isn’t giving up on the efforts to break free even with a heavy duty crate in place, you can look at some of these pro tips which work effectively.

You can provide the dog with a toy that keeps him or her busy within the cage. The toy you pick should be safe for the dog as well. Another way to keep your dog calm within the cage would be to engage the pet in exercise sessions before putting him in the cage.

Exercising the dog leads to fatigue. The dog will rest or sleep when in the crate and will have no energy left to attempt to break free.


There are many types of dog crates. Before buying one, take your time to know the size of the dog you plan to keep in the cage. Choosing a small-sized crate for a big hound won’t work. The dog should be comfortable within the cage. A spacious crate gives the dog comfort.

My parting shot for you is all about investment. Find a crate that will assure you of safety and comfort of the dog during your absence; a well built model constructed to function according to your dog’s needs.

The best dog crate so far has been the Impact Collapsible. It has a design that defines it’s structure and the unique ability to keep your dog comfortable and safe. There are three models of the crate, the small, large and medium sizes.

It’s been manufactured in the United States and has an IATA certification. Another unique feature is the foldability of the design. It collapses when not in use, to give you a compact model that you can store in the smallest of spaces.

Your dog won’t suffocate. Dogs are calm and relaxed, thanks to the ventilation that has been done on the side walls. This dog crate gives you everything you’ve ever looked for and desired to take care of your hound. It’s one of a kind.

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