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You must take care of your dog. That little buddy is your best friend and deserves all your love, care and attention. Having said that you should be on the lookout any irregular symptoms being exhibited by your dog.

For instance, most dogs suffer from anxiety and insomnia. In this case, with the advice of a veterinarian, you can seek the aid of melatonin supplements. Melatonin is a sedative hormone that is usually produced in the pineal glands.

Though, the natural production of melatonin might not be enough for all dogs. So it can’t hurt anyone to step in and use melatonin supplements. They are relatively effective and come with minimal side effects, of course with a restricted and managed dosage, don’t overdo it!

Most dogs suffer from anxiety, which you will likely notice if you take your dog on outdoor walks. They also experience hyperactivity, which is a normal thing in dogs. I mean, that’s why we love them! But it might be a little too much to handle sometimes.

Some dogs also have a hard time falling asleep and have numerous phobias. You canine friend will be terrified of loud noises such as thunderstorms of any thudding sounds; this is where melatonin comes in, it can combat all these conditions easing your off the stress.

The fact that melatonin is produced by the body might harbor some doubts in you but believe me supplements are beneficial. They might result in some side effects, but at the end of the day, you want to be sure that your canine friend is happy.

There are a lot of melatonin supplements, and it can be easily bought over the counter. So you might want to be careful when purchasing it. To smoothen this process, I have sorted out a list of five melatonin supplements that would be a lifesaver for your dog.

Best Melatonin for Dogs List


Zesty Paws Calming Bits for Dogs

If your dog is always in a jumpy or unsettling mood, then the Zesty Paws formula might soothe them and keep them happy. It is devoid of any chemicals as it incorporates an all-natural blend of organic ingredients and to make it easy for your dog. It has a delicious turkey flavour.

With 30mg of suntheanine in each chew, your dog’s brain activity is altered to bring about a calming effect; this helps to alleviate anxiety symptoms that are usually portrayed by your dog in many instances. For example, you might notice them during thunderstorms or fireworks.

It also includes Thiamine and organic chamomile which have been known to reduce hyperactivity. Since you will have to draw the line on how much your dog is active. Another vital ingredient is valerian roots which will reduce excessive scratching.


  • These bites have a turkey flavour making them very tasty
  • Has suntheanine which reacts with the dog’s brain to reduce anxiety and restlessness
  • It reduces hyperactivity


  • There have been several complaints from customers that this product does not work
  • It might cause runny stool


Pet Wellbeing Pet Melatonin

Pet Wellbeing have around for about two decades now, and I think the number one reason I like them is because of their transparency and professionalism. They use a detailed process of manufacturing their products, one overseen by numerous veterinarians.

This specific melatonin has a bacon flavour making the intake easier for your dog. However, the taste is just a plus since it is administered orally through drops, which allows you to regulate the dosage readily. And you don’t have to be worried about your dog refusing to take it.

It is made from organic ingredients, which is always a sight for sour eyes in these trying times where the supplement industry has been shrouded by chemicals. It helps relieve stress, fight off that insomnia your dog has been going through, and regulate your dog’s appetite.


  • It is easy to manage the dosage as it is administered by way of droplets
  • Has a bacon flavour to excite your dog when they are taking their daily dosage
  • It is made from organic ingredients that have been carefully assorted by professional veterinarians


  • The price of this supplement is a bit too much
  • Some people have said that they didn’t notice any changes after using it


Nutrition Strength

If you don’t fancy administering the melatonin in drops then perhaps Nutrition Strength is your cup of tea. It has a total of 120 tablets in a tightly sealed bottle. It has been certified as a pharmaceutical grade, which means that all of its ingredients are healthy and safe.

This supplement helps in relieving any phobia in your dog. It can be very stressful when your dog is continuously startled by loud noises. It also keeps your dog relaxed and at ease. It has two probiotic strains which each containing 250 million colony forming units for immune support.

Since sleep disorders are pretty common in dogs, especially old ones. This melatonin helps in regulating sleeping patterns to make sure that your dog gets a good night sleep every day. The dosage is designed to quickly be absorbed in the body, bringing a faster effect for your dog.


  • It aids in relieving stress and any phobias that your dog has typically
  • This formula is fast-acting to bring about positive results quickly
  • Also helps to boost immune strength and digestive health through the use of two probiotic strains


  • In some cases, there have been no reported changes
  • The smell is not very pleasant


DR.Oscar Organic Dog Sleep Aid for Dogs

There was a week I had insomnia, and it was quite dreadful spending hours and hours looking for sleep but no avail. So I was delighted by the credibility and quality of this supplement and its ability to eliminate the sleeping problems bothering dogs. Since dogs also deserve happiness.

It has an impressive list of beneficial ingredients to achieve wholesome, positive results. For instance, valerian roots and organic flower to help reduce and eliminate anxiety, L-theanine to battle any aggressive behaviors, ashwagandha to relax your dog and lastly melatonin for insomnia.

With all of these benefits combined, they result in the general well-being of your dog and bring a little sunshine in their lives. The melatonin formula in this supplement also helps in preventing hair loss or baldness in your pup. To top it all off, it is Non-Gmo and free from allergens.


  • Prevents and reduces cases of anxiety, phobia, hair loss and sleeping problems
  • The formula in this product helps to keep your dog healthy
  • It is Non-Gmo and lacks any dangerous ingredients that might lead to an allergic reaction


  • It takes a while to bear fruits finally
  • This supplement is expensive 


Fur Goodness Sake Liquid Melatonin For Dogs

Can we first take a moment and appreciate the name, it’s hilarious and smart! This supplement is yet another great option if you happen to notice any irregular or abnormal activities in your dog. Your dog might suddenly start barking uncontrollably and even biting people.

Hence, the Fur Goodness Sake Melatonin helps the dog dial their extra energy and thus prevent things from spiking to dangerous levels. Unlike some other products, this supplement is transparent in the ingredients its uses and other necessary facts that are crucial to you.

It is very good at regulating separation anxiety, which arises when you leave your dog, you know like when you are going to work or run an errand. You also assured to face minimal side effects when you buy this supplement, meaning your dog won’t get drowsy or fatigued.


  • Helps in reducing and even preventing separation anxiety
  • It is also a great solution to any aggressive behaviors being exhibited by your fog
  • Has a tasty bacon flavour and is easy to administer through drops


  • It does not have a pleasant smell
  • It does not work in all do

How melatonin Works

Now giving you a list of melatonin supplements is helpful, but for you to choose the best one in confidence, you have to know how it works first. The process is enormous, with branching concepts that are hard to comprehend, but I have tried to simplify it.

Melatonin helps in dictating your circadian rhythm. What is a circadian rhythm? It is best known as the sleep/wake cycle. You see, daytime and nighttime trigger difference activities in your body.

For instance, cold or flu usually tends to worsen at night. This is because of the circadian rhythm, at night the levels of cortisol reduce mainly due to the production of melatonin, this results in higher functioning of your white blood cells and thus symptoms like fever.

That was just an example of one of the very many factors impacted by the mechanism of the circadian rhythm. So where were we? Oh yes, naturally, the circadian rhythm causes the production of melatonin at night, and that is why you fall asleep.

So the theory is that the same calming or sleep effects that melatonin influences at night, can be replicated at daytime through the intake of melatonin supplements. If you think about it, the whole process is quite intriguing and revolutionary,

Side Effects of Melatonin

The status quo is that melatonin is a naturally produced compound, so it is not detrimental to your dog. But since it’s not exactly a natural compound, it might differ slightly in its exact mechanism, but nothing too serious. Hence, it might result in some side effects, but rarely.

All the same, it is better to know them, it’s just a precautionary measure. They include;

  • Headache
  • Drowsiness
  • Stomach upsets
  • High blood pressure
  • Weakness
  • Increased heart rate
  • Dogs suffering from diabetes may experience resistance to insulin

Ways of Preventing an Overdose

It is best to buy melatonin once a veterinarian has recommended it. In case you happen to buy it at your own accord, seek advice from the vet on the right dosage.

When you forget to give the dog their dose, which can happen because you are allowed to be forgetful, maybe say you were swarmed with a lot of work. But when this happens do not try to give your furry buddy a double dose, just follow the prescribed one.

This has to be the most important of them all. Make sure that you keep the supplements locked up somewhere beyond the reach of your dog. So many things could happen when you leave your dog to go to work, with a clumsily placed melatonin.

They can suddenly knock it over, causing it to spill. Chances are if the supplement has a tasty flavour, then your dog is going to want some of that ‘good stuff’. An overdose has extreme effects, so try to be careful as much as you can.

Uses of Melatonin

Maybe you have heard about the prospects of melatonin from a friend or even around the neighborhood. It is essential to understand that as much as you want to tap into its benefits, it is much better if you take your dog to see a vet first.

This is because despite the enormous contribution melatonin has to the sanity and calmness of your dog. It might affect some dogs differently, and cases of overdose are particularly dangerous. So that means you have to be there to administer and regulate the intake to the prescribed dosage.

The science behind melatonin is well understood when it comes to its natural syntheses. And I guess that’s one of the many reasons people have confidence in it, because, “hey dogs produce it naturally so how dangerous can it be”!

But the truth is, there is not a whole lot of research going into the implications of melatonin supplements. That’s why carefully intake is advised, not too little and not too much enough to warrant extreme side effects.

But this doesn’t take away from the fact that melatonin can be very beneficial to your dog. You become a happy chap whenever you see your dog healthy and happy. So here are the conditions that melatonin treats:


Some dogs are generally hyped up, which is okay, and no one can refute the claims that they tend to light up the house with their wagging tails and licking tongues. But you must be able to identify healthy energetic personality and intensive hyperactivity.

In this case, you may be able to tell if your furry companion suffers from anxiety. There are different types of anxiety that mess with a dog’s healthy mood or demeanor. The most common one is separation anxiety.
I am very sure you must have seen this at one point in your dog. Allow me to illustrate, you know when you are leaving your house to go to work, and suddenly your canine friend starts barking hysterically, that’s separation anxiety.

It could be detrimental and damaging since your dog tends to get restless and can even start scratching your couch or knocking things over. Melatonin can help prevent this type of anxiety. Before you leave your house, you can give your dog a dose of melatonin.

Melatonin has a sedative effect, and that is why its production increases during at night. To prevent separation anxiety, it will relay these same sedative effects to your dog, by slowing down their brain activity and possibly send them to sleep.


Insomnia is like a damning thorn that you can’t get out, this is the more accurate description for humans, and you can bet it is the same for dogs also. Melatonin has a key player in treating sleeping disorders for a while now.

So if you notice that your dog has insomnia, then you can get yourself melatonin. What are the signs? They range from your dog not being able to sleep at all to them occasionally waking up at night.

What are the causes? In all honesty, insomnia isn’t a prevalent condition in young dogs. It mostly becomes a problem in older dogs. And it might be caused by several factors, one of them is noise or distractions at night.

The dogs might also be suffering from some health issues like digestive disorders, and so on. Another major cause of insomnia is dementia, yes dogs get dementia! Melatonin works by triggering brain waves that slow down activity and hence inducing sleep.

Cushing’s disease

This disease can lead to several symptoms like; loss of appetite, weight loss and loss of hair. What is Cushing’s syndrome? It is a disease that is caused by a growth of tumors in the pituitary gland, and both humans and dogs are susceptible to it.

The only difference is that humans have the gift of surgery to make the tumors go away. When these tumors grow, they affect the hormonal balance in the brain, destabilizing it and leading to an increase of ACHT.

The excessive ACHT in turns produces cortisol. Cortisol is known for causing stress and other behavioral changes. With the intake of melatonin, the production of cortisol is inhibited hence ensuring a relaxed state in your dog.


This is a condition that leads to the loss of hair; you might have probably heard in many corners when it comes to humans. It also affects dogs but hits them explicitly on a seasonal basis. Melatonin can help to mitigate its impacts, thus preventing hair loss.

Ways in Which Melatonin is Administered to Dogs

Melatonin is administered in different ways. They do not compromise the quality of performance of the melatonin whatsoever. But can affect other factors such as the amount of dosage or the ease of administration. They include;

Tablets or Capsules

Tablets or capsules are the most common way of administering melatonin to your dog. You will notice this when you walk around the melatonin aisle in your nearby drug store. But they do have their challenges also.

For example, it is tough to make a dog voluntarily take a capsule or tablet. But luckily, most manufacturers are aware of this and are producing their supplements in the form of yummy treats to disguise the tablets or capsules.

So it becomes much simpler to give your dog a bacon, beef or turkey flavored supplement. They will devour it with vigor and happiness without the slightest clue that you are in fact pumping supplements into them, hey, you are just looking out for them!

Liquid Form

As you can see from the list I have compiled above, there are those melatonin supplements that are in an eyedropper. This is yet another ingenious form of administering melatonin. The only disadvantage is that it is decidedly more comfortable to go wrong with the dosage.


In some cases, you may be advised to give your dog melatonin through an injection. This method isn’t very popular and you can guess why. Having to inject your dog every day is stressful, and what are the chances you will do it well every time?


Choosing the best melatonin for your dog should be a top priority. If you do it right, it will mean that your dog gets to have a goodnight sleep, they will no longer be scared of loud noises or experience anxiety waves.

This is rewarding, not only for your dog but also for you. Moreover, it is easy to get lost in the hundreds of options out there. Therefore, be very careful when picking out that one melatonin supplements that will make all your dog’s problems disappear.

If you are convinced enough to use my list, then I would recommend the Zesty Paws. It blends organic ingredients with a turkey flavour to bring you an incredibly quality supplement. You won’t have to struggle to administer it, and your dog is likely to come running.

It has 30 mg of suntheanine per chew to help in preventing anxiety in your dog. You have your pooch’s interest at heart all the time. So you will do everything to ensure the well-being, and that’s how I know you will choose Zesty Paws.

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