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Taking your dog out on walks, training sessions and playing activities helps in improving the dog’s health. Another benefit of the process is the impact on the dog’s social well-being. Your pet becomes happier and healthier.

Most veterinarians have proven that the behavior of a dog is always determined and influenced by how often you hang out, be it through normal exercising or just basic playing.

Maintaining exercise and playing routines should be done on regular basis. For me, I prefer taking my dog out on evening strolls.

Due to the varying nature of outdoor weather, we rely on the suitability of a particular time of the day or season to have fun. Most of us wouldn’t dare to go out with our dogs in the middle of winter. The frost is usually unbearable.

Summer is the preferred season for most of us. We may counter the hot temperatures by reducing the weight and size of clothing on our bodies. This helps a lot, as less heat is retained around the body.

We may have achieved considerable efforts in protecting ourselves from the heat of summer, but what about our beloved pets? Have you considered the challenges they face in hot weather: the heat, thirst and hot grounds?

Well, if you haven’t been keeping your dog cool in hot weather, it’s high time you considered the cooling vest, an item that works to keep your dog cool. Sometimes they may not work as full protective armors, but I assure you, their effectiveness is worth considering.

We have grouped today the best vests from top manufacturers, and the tips you can consider keeping your dog cool during summer.

Best Dog Cooling Vest List


Ruffwear-Swamp Cooler

Many people have recommended this vest. I think this is because of its uniqueness; the ability of the vest to keep dogs cool in summer. It is one of the popular dog vests in markets. You can find it at a fair price too.

It is effective as the dog is kept cool and comfortable. The vest works in two ways, the first one is evaporation and the other reflection. The reflective surface is shiny. This vest has three layers, each designed to give the dog protection.

The first outermost layer has a reflective surface. It reflects heat and facilitates evaporation. Buckles have been added to the sides to make it easier for you to detach or attach the vest to the dog’s body.


  • The best fits well. The dog will move his body around easily.
  • A reflective strip has been added to the vest to give road users visibility of the dog in darkness.
  • Buckles on the side help with easy closing and detachment.
  • Three layers work effectively to reflect heat and facilitate evaporation of water. This way, the dog’s body is left cool.
  • It is a popular model amongst users. 100% of buyers recommend the model.


  • Complaints were forwarded concerning quick drying of the vest.
  • Some people picked large sizes that didn’t fit well. You should check chart sizes and confirm your dog’s measurements before buying the vest.



The Hurtta dog vest is the simplest design we have in markets. It works to minimize overheating of the dog by reflecting heat. Your dog will enjoy comfort that comes with the cooling effect of evaporation.

The small sizes are the most common. Before you purchase the vest, please check the manufacturer’s chart sizes with your dog’s measurements, to avoid situations where the vest is barely fitting for the dog.

Protection has been reinforced around the heart and chest. The reinforcement is important as it keeps the heart in good condition to facilitate blood circulation. The versatility of the vest allows you to take your dog out for a walk, training sessions and even a dog show.


  • The vest minimizes overheating.
  • It’s one of the affordable products.
  • Reinforcement added to the heart and chest ensures blood circulation goes on undeterred.
  • The absorbing ability of the vest is twice that of normal vests. It retains a lot of water and keeps the dog cool for longer hours.
  • You can attach a leash to the vest.
  • There are different colors and sizes.


  • Picking the right size will be easier if you know your dog’s measurements.


PupPal Pet

The pink color of the vest makes it a good option for your dog. It makes your pet look adorable. It’s streamlined to give the dog comfort and elegance even during hot conditions.

You will definitely have an easy time dressing the dog. The vest is not so hard to figure out. Taking it off can be done in seconds. All this is because of the Velcro closing mechanism, as it facilitates closure with minimal efforts involved.

PupPal vests can be used on any dog. They are universal. The cooling effect of the vest lasts longer, as compared to standard vests which dry fast.


  • The vest is delivered when it’s already soaked. Reusing it would require you to soak in cold water, wring and attach to the dog’s body. It’s easy to use.
  • It’s streamlined to keep your dog comfortable.
  • The cooling effect lasts for hours.
  • The Velcro closure system is convenient and easy to get used to.
  • Holes on the vest are wide enough for your pet to move legs comfortably.


  • Size is the only problem with the vest. You will have a hard time picking the right one for your dog.



Safety first. The BINGPET brand seems to be incorporating the policy in every model they develop, especially this high quality vest. Most dogs suffer from hypothermia whenever they are out in hot weather and aren’t given proper care.

The BINGPET vest has a design that prevents the dog from contracting hypothermia. Reflective strips are attached to the top and sides of the vest to enhance visibility of road users, especially during nightfall.

The shiny surface is reflective. The vest is made of safe material such as nylon. A heavy vest would tire the pet for no reason. This particular one is lightweight. The dog is comfortable even when walking.


  • There is a buckle that enables you to adjust the vest to fit the dog.
  • Zippers aid in closure of the vest.
  • The vest is made of safe material.
  • Besides this, it is lightweight to keep the pet comfortable.
  • Reflective strips enhance visibility of the pet at night.
  • It protects your pup from hypothermic problems.


  • You may experience difficulties picking the right size.


Ruffwear-Jet Stream

The Jet Stream dog vest is one of the sleekest designs. In addition to keeping your dog cool and comfortable, the vest will work exceptionally in providing your pet with room for movement. The hole spaces between legs are large.

The dog can move around easily, the same way she would without a vest.

The vest is designed with three layers, each working to keep the surface as reflective and evaporative as possible. The unique feature of the vest is how it gives the pet freedom to move freely. He or she can run and play happily without discomfort.

There is a zipper that facilitates closure of the vest. The back of the vest is made of spandex that keeps away sun rays. You will get the vests in six different sizes and two colors.


  • The vests fit well. They are comfortable as well.
  • Space for movement allows the dog to move around freely, run and play.
  • It is the sleekest vest in markets.
  • This vest is made of three layers. They keep the dog’s body cool through reflection and evaporative cooling.
  • A zipper can be used to close the vest.
  • The back of this vest is made of spandex, a material that has good reflective ability.
  • There are six sizes and two colors of vest.


  • The zipper sometimes doesn’t work well.

How to pick the best dog cooling vest

Before we look at the factors and safety tips to consider as you buy a cooling vest for your dog, it would be helpful to know what exactly a cooling vest is and how it works to keep your dog cool in hot weather.

A dog cooling vest

In simple terms, a dog cooling vest is an attire that helps in cooling the dog by using a special mechanism of evaporation. The key aspect of evaporative cooling is the conversion of liquors to gas within a short time.

The resulting effect of this would be a drop in temperature. This is how exactly the sweating process works.
In hot weather, the glands release sweat onto the skin surface. Due to high temperature, the sweat evaporates, leaving the skin cool and dry. This is the science behind sweating that works to keep you cool.
Dogs have a lot of fur. Sweating wouldn’t work for them as effectively as it does for us. That’s why we incorporate the idea of evaporative cooling and sweating in cooling vests, to provide our pets with suitable conditions for cooling off excess heat around the body.

Pouring water on your dog would work the same way sweat works. The only downside to this is that water evaporates too quickly. Dogs would be dry in a short time. Plus, pouring water on your dog after every five minutes would be tiring.

Cooling vests will provide effective results that are incomparable. The comfort your dog would derive from the same is another thing to reckon. You just need to find the right vest, one that fits well and keeps the dog cool for long.

The unique structure of dog cooling vests would be the main reason they work outstandingly fine. Materials are usually placed in layers that either reflect sunlight or facilitate evaporation.

The objective of the vests is to cool the air around the dog’s body. Additional conductive layers always encourage heat loss.

It’s notable that a cooling vest works best in a dry or desert environment. This is because evaporation takes place quickly in hotter environment.

The vest wouldn’t be effective in a humid environment, as there will be minimal evaporation in the air. You barely need to lose heat in a humid environment. On the contrary, you need to retain as much heat as possible.

Vests are usually easy to put on the dog. Many people thought that their pets would be resistant to the introduction of clothing. Much to their surprise, the pets welcomed the idea, as they were cooler and more comfortable in hot conditions, something they weren’t used to.

Before dressing the dog, you need to dip the vest in cool water and then wring it gently to let off excess water.

There are some vests that are sold when they are in their pre-soaked nature already. After dressing your dog for the first time, you will be required to dip and wring in cold water any other time you need to go out for walks.

There are occasions where vests may dry in the middle of your journey, when you are playing with the dog or just strolling around. Walking with a number of water bottles would be a good thing to do.

When the vest dries, detach it from the dog’s body, pour cold water on it and wring gently before redressing. As you do this, be keen on not soaking the pet's fur to make it completely wet. This tends to be uncomfortable for most dogs.

Another option you can consider to keep the vest moist is by placing it in a freezer. Before going out, you can take it out and dress your dog. It works effectively as well.

Factors to consider as you choose the best cooling vest


You should know the size of your dog before picking a vest for her. Determining the size of a dog can be done through the conduction of measurements.

In case you don’t have the right tools to measure the pup, you can visit a veterinarian or visit the store with your pet, to use the manufacturer’s chart to find the perfect size.

The vest you pick should be comfortable when the dog puts it on. Discomfort can easily be noticed. A dog would attempt to remove a tight vest around it, and you will definitely notice it.

There are dogs that have never been clothed in their lives. They may be surprised when you attempt to get them dresses for the first time.

In case you experience challenges dressing your pet, consider taking your dog through training modules that encourage him or her to adapt to getting dressed in attire such as vests.

Checking the body type of the dog would also help in finding the best vest. Dogs differ in sizes the same way they do with shape. The nature of the dog’s body may be perfect for some vests and totally inappropriate for others.

The weight of your dog is an insignificant factor to keep in mind. A tight vest would be uncomfortable, and so would a large one. Big vests lose water fast. They dry quickly as they are more exposed to heat.

Duration of functionality

Durability of the vest would be our main basis in determining the duration that the vest would work to cool the dog’s body, without losing its effectiveness in a short time.

A quality vest would work reasonably. The benefit of a model that works longer than others is the ability to keep the dog cool. You won’t be worrying about the need to acquire a new vest, as the one you purchased would be working seamlessly.

The average time a vest is expected to last before drying is 20 minutes. Any item that comes short would only spell frustration and fatigue, as you would be tasked with unnecessary duty to dip the vest in water four times an hour, for a whole day.

You should know the environment you plan to walk around in. Evaporation of the water depends on the intensity of sunlight.

In case you live in hotter environment, you will be required to keep the vest moist more regularly, as compared to a situation where you are strolling in a mildly hot environment.

Reflective property of the vest

A surface can be made reflective with the addition of shiny materials or coating. Shiny materials reflect away sunlight faster and better as compared to dull surfaces.

As you purchase the vest, be keen to check if it has the abilities to keep your dog cool through evaporative cooling as well as reflecting sunlight. These aspects will help in lowering the dog’s temperature.

The vest should be well reinforced on the back and the sides too. The cooling effect won’t work or last when some parts of the dog’s body are left out and uncovered by the vest.

The presence of reflective strips works effectively in enhancing visibility. During the night, as you walk around, road users, especially drivers, need to see clearly everything on and beside road.

Reflective strips make it easier for drivers to notice dogs at night.

Attachment to a leash and collar

It is very hard for you to walk in public areas that are overcrowded with your dog untethered. You need to attach a leash or a collar to the vest, which will work as a harness to give you better control of the dog, as she won’t get lost with the leash in place.

It is easier to walk around with your dog in a leash as compared to when he is left to wander off.

Keeping the fur dry and cool

You need to choose a vest that can retain moisture for a long time. The cooling effect is to be done progressively. Despite this, it isn’t recommendable that the dog’s fur is kept wet all the time.

The moistness needs to be in moderation. Wet fur is so uncomfortable for the dog. Most of the time, the fur irritates the dog and disrupts his concentration. You need to ensure that the pet isn’t soaked as much.

Safety tips

Hydration is important, not only to humans but also pets and other animals. The dog should be properly hydrated, at least once every twenty minutes. To keep your pet hydrated, ensure that you carry enough bottles of water.

You should avoid hot pavements, as these may scorch the feet of your dog. The burns may be severe, causing injury to the pup. Even though it is difficult to know, you can try following cooler paths that won’t burn the dog’s feet.

Avoiding the sun can be achieved by picking shades and spots where sunlight intensity isn’t that high or extreme. Breaking frequently would also be an option, as you avoid the sun and refresh to replenish lost energy on the way.

It’s not just human beings that require sunscreen in hot weather. You can also apply sunscreen lotions for dogs on ones that have light or tender furs and skins. Taking your dog to a pool would be another option, as it helps to cool off excess heat.


How does the best vest function? How will I know it is the best one to pick for my dog?

Our answer would be straightforward: just try to imagine your dog in the vest you intend to pick, the size; if it fits well, the weight, the comfort and how the vest works, is it keeping your dog cool as you expected? Does it meet your expectations or it’s a disappointment?

We have reviewed all the factors and considered the Swamp Cooler from Ruffwear to be the best cooling vest for your dog.

When we interviewed dog owners who had purchased the vest for their dogs, one thing was evident, satisfaction and fulfilment. It is very popular amongst users and everyone recommended buyers to try out the model.

The features of the vest have been designed to keep the dog cool. It works through evaporative cooling and also reflection. Three layers have been integrated to achieve the dual functionality of the vest.
Buckles on the sides have been attached to facilitate easier closure. You can use it with a leash, as most dogs tend to wander off in overcrowded places. Reflective strips give road users visibility of the dog. 

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