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We love our pooches very much. And when they start being fussy about their conventional food, it’s worrying. We tend to wonder if they are unwell. However, if the habit just started, you may give her some time. It could just be a phase.

But if it takes longer, then something has to be done. As human beings, having the same diet tends to be boring. And once you feel that way, you wouldn’t even want to smell it near you. The same applies to dogs.
If you usually give her the same diet repeatedly, it might be time to look the other way. You could spice it up differently this time. But what happens if it doesn’t work? You may have to visit your vet.

Even though it is rare, your pup could also be suffering from an ailment that you know nothing about. Such a situation is where you wish dogs could just speak for one day and tell you how they feel. But unfortunately, it’s impossible.

Nonetheless, most of the time, the solution is to change his food. There are a variety of them out there which may be confusing as you try to decide on which one to pick out. Fortunately, you are in the right place to find out about all the necessary details that you need to know.

Below are five types of pooch food that are likely to bring back her appetite. I highly recommend that you go through whenever you have some time to spare. 

Best Dog Food for Picky Eaters List


Ollie Hearty Beef Eats

If you have a thing for brands, then this food from Ollie could just be ideal for your selective canine friend. Furthermore, they will require specific details of your pooch to know what suits her most. They include her age, breed, or if she is allergic to certain substances.

Dogs will always love meat, and this manufacturer ensured that it was included in the meal. It will boost her appetite. It also contains vegetables and fruits, which will provide vitamins and minerals to keep your pup healthy.

And if you are worried about it having unnatural ingredients, fillers like corn, or preservatives, you can be sure that they are not included. This meal can somehow be graded as human even though it has been made to suit your pup.

Guess what? In case your dog’s eating habit doesn’t change, your money will be refunded to you. 


  • Made at low temperatures to preserve its nutrients
  • It is high-quality food
  • Customized to fit your dog’s needs
  • If there is no improvement, you get your cash back!
  • The food is delivered to your home
  • Most dogs love it
  • For new owners, you get a rebate


  • It is costly


Nom Nom Chicken Chow

Just like the food above, it is also altered to suit the pup’s specifications like age, weight, and any concerns regarding her health. It includes sweet potatoes, spinach, and a proportion of forty per cent of proteins from chicken.

As this food is made, the expertise of a vet nutritionist is in order. That is why sources of vitamins E, B1, B2, B12, and D3 are topped up. You also get professional advice from the nutritional consultant concerning your canine friend, and it’s free! Is the meal fresh?

Yes, it is. Nom Nom ensures that it has not gone through any freezing conditions. And if there are no changes in your pooch’s appetency for the next thirty days, you can be sure that the next meal will be free as a courtesy from Nom Nom. 


  • It is tailored to meet your dog’s requirements
  • If you are a new owner, you only pay half the price!
  • Free advice from a dog nutritionist
  • It is fresh
  • If there are no changes after a total of thirty days, Nom Nom will fund the next meal
  • Most pooch owners reported a significant improvement 


  • It is expensive


FROMM Four-Star, Grain-free Gamebird Recipe

This third meal on my list could just be perfect for your fussy pup. Its trick lies in its Gamebird recipe, which is outstanding. You must be wondering what this recipe entails. Well, it is a combination of duck, turkey, quail, pheasant, and chicken.

With that, your pooch will love this new taste with no doubt. Furthermore, meat could never go wrong with dogs. And instead of grains such as wheat and corn to meet the carbohydrates needs for your pooch, it includes potatoes.

This food is also one among the few with probiotic content. It means that if your pooch has been going through digestion problems, it’s likely to be solved. It also includes foods that will help with antioxidation.

To make it sweet and therefore, irresistible, cheese has been added to this meal. And it is not just about proteins since some vegetables and fruits have also been included to give your pooch the nutrients that she needs.

Despite being unpopular compared to Ollie and Nom Nom, this food is enjoyed by the few dogs who take them. 


  • Has antioxidizing properties
  • It supplies protein from chicken, turkey, pheasant, duck, and quail
  • It has probiotics
  • Grain-free


  • It is pricey


Instinct Raw Boost Small Breed Duck Formula

What are the ingredients of this dog food? It consists of duck, turkey, chicken, and salmon. It also includes probiotics for your pup’s smooth digestion. It will also improve the general look of your pup’s fur coat due to the availability of omega fatty acids.

And if your dog is one of those who experience joint problems, this food is perfect since it contains not only chondroitin but also glucosamine to take care of that. Is it a by-product meal? No, it isn’t.

The raw pieces which have been freeze-dried make this food very tasty that your finicky dog will find it hard to resist. It also comes with kibble that is high in its protein content. It is also free of any preservatives and unnatural flavours.

Potatoes and grains have also not been included. In case it makes a difference, it is made in the USA. 


  • Made in the USA
  • It strengthens your pooch’s joints
  • Lacks artificial flavours
  • No preservatives
  • Delicious
  • No potatoes or grains
  • Has probiotics


  • A few customers have made complaints of the composition of this food being contradictory from one bag to another
  • Some dogs do not like the fruits and vegetables included


Purina Pro Plan Savor Shredded Beef and Rice Formula

Is your budget tight? Well, this dog food by Purina Pro Plan Savor might just work for you. What does it bring to the table? First, it features omega fatty acids to keep your pooch’s skin looking good and also healthy.

Has your pup been experiencing indigestion problems? It may please you to know that it comes with live probiotics to help with that. It also includes sources of vitamins E, C, B12, D3, which will maintain your dog’s health.

However, it includes not only a poultry by-product meal but also corn gluten.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Has live probiotics
  • Includes omega fatty acids
  • Vitamins C, E, B12, and D3 is added


  • There are too much of usual allergens
    Includes by-products

Why the lack of appetite?

You must be wondering about the causes of your pooch’s recent behaviour. Well, if you give it a thought, even babies usually reach such a point after they start juggling between breast milk and food. If they get bored with the food or do not like it for some reason, they just stick to the milk.

However, for dogs, especially the stubborn ones, they will wholly refrain from eating. It can be very worrying. Your first instinct is to take her to a vet. After all, she could be going through a lot of pain that you have no idea about.

Here are a few causes for the drop in your pup’s urge for food:

Dental disorder

When was the last time that you had your pooch’s teeth checked? One of the reasons why your dog could be dreading pieces of food in his mouth is either tooth decay or even gingivitis. It is because it will only stir pain which she had rather avoid by staying hungry.

You must have experienced one of these problems, and therefore, you understand what she is going through. Hence, it is advisable to visit a vet as soon as possible in case there is a chance that this could be the problem.

Once it is taken care of, you will have your dog regularly eating very soon. The vet will also prescribe solutions on how to get him to eat during this time. You may stick to drinks or ensure that the food is soft to avoid causing more pain.

Digestion problems

Your dog could be experiencing issues with her gut, which may make her want nothing to do with food. The good news is that there are probiotics that can help to take this problem away. However, if she isn’t eating anymore, you may find it hard to get it into her system.

But with the advice of a vet, you will get a solution that will take care of the problem while still restoring her appetency to normal.

Hormonal changes

Just like human beings, pups also go through this phase. If you have a male dog, you may think that this problem may not apply to him. Well, you are very wrong. Even though female dogs are likely to lose their appetite, for this reason, the male gender isn’t an exception.

The good thing about this problem is that it goes away on its own, and you do not have to do anything about it.

Other health issues

Your canine friend could also be experiencing other health problems that I haven’t mentioned above, and only a vet can make the necessary tests to determine them accurately. It is, therefore, a good idea to take your pooch to his doctor as soon as you can. The sooner it is taken care of, the better for the both of you!

What can you do to get your pup to eat?

There are a few tips that you should consider in getting your pooch to be excited during her mealtime. They include:

Be consistent with your pooch’s mealtime

One of the reasons why your pup doesn’t want to eat anymore is because you keep giving her food at random times. You could avoid contradicting her mealtimes by bringing it to three or at least two per day. The fluctuations could be messing with her appetite by either reducing or increasing it. And if you ask me, both are not healthy for your furry friend.

A slight change in her diet

You don’t have to change the whole meal since you could spice it up a bit. You may have to try several new things to see what she prefers more. Most of the time, topping up her diet with some meat could do the trick. I can assure you that this one works almost every time.

Even though the larger population of humans love meat, others will stick to veggies or a mixture of both. The same goes for dogs. Others will prefer a top-up of vegetables such as spinach. After all, they may just be craving some difference in the taste of their food to keep them eating. You could also add sweet fruits or consider oil from either peanuts or olives.

Abstain from dry food

Another reason that may be keeping your picky pooch away from her bowl is dry food. With time, your dog tends to get tired of having to eat kibble, which is dry. Kibble is much more affordable than other types of pooch food.

However, to restore your pup’s eating habits, you may have to spend some more on purchasing wet food. You don’t have to give him the wet food as a whole meal but just spice his usual with it, and you are good to go.

Avoid by-products

How will you feel if you have to eat a by-product of chicken and not the chicken itself? Sincerely, it isn’t delicious. It’s like preparing chicken and only drinking its soup, which means you don’t get satisfaction.
Picky dogs aren’t different when it comes to such a circumstance. Hence, with time they will get tired and won’t mind showing you that they can’t have it anymore. It is recommended that you give them genuine flavours and not just supplements.

It doesn’t mean that supplements are harmful but ensure that you don’t give it to your pooch every other time in place of actual food.

Let your pooch feed from your hand

You could take the time to feed your fussy dog by hand. They could simply desire that you give it to them from the bowl, instead of doing it all by themselves. It sounds ridiculous, but it has been used and surprising as it may be, it works for some.

Shun cold food

Your finicky pup could be avoiding food because it is too cold for her. If this is usually the case, you should consider warming the food before he can have some. However, you have to ensure that it doesn’t become too hot because if she is too hungry, she may get burnt.

Human food could be the magic

Your dog could be bored of eating his food and might need an addition of human food to his usual composition. It could go a long way in improving her appetite. Therefore, you may consider cheese, blueberries, or sunflower seeds.

It doesn’t have to be too much. Your pooch will appreciate the little amount. However, if you have the habit of giving her bits of your food during dinner, you may have to consider putting a stop to it. It is because she may realize that your food is tastier than hers, which is too ordinary.

Adjust his mealtime

Have you ever missed lunch because you were either too busy or for some other reason? If you did, you must have looked forward to dinner and could not wait to get something in your mouth. You could try the same with your choosy pooch.

Take more time than usual before giving him his next meal. It could work. However, it isn’t advisable and should not be a remedy every time as it is unhealthy and may have some dire effects.

Purchasing Guide

Getting the perfect food for your fussy pup may be a hassle. After all, whatever works for another dog may not do the same for yours. Below are a few factors to consider as you try to select the best one for you and your pooch:


Dog foods for selective pups vary in terms of their costs. And the more nutritious it is, the higher the price. If you are good with your finances, you have nothing to worry about other than selecting the food that is best for your pup.

But if you have to make some significant adjustments to your spending, you may have a lot to consider. You could even top up her usual meal with a few different things to get her appetite on track. You can add sweeteners or something from your food.


The truth is that dog food is not like any other product in the market. You might spend your money for a whole month only to realize the improvement is too little for what was promised, or there are no changes at all.

With one of the foods that I reviewed, your money is refunded in such a circumstance. With another, you have to use it for at least thirty days, and if nothing is different, they buy the next meal for you.
Therefore, choose something that you feel more comfortable with. You should keep in mind that your dog may not like whatever you get.

Customized requirements

Some dog foods have been altered to meet the needs of your pup. It is after a consideration of factors such as age, weight, breed, and if she is allergic to any ingredients that are likely to be included.

The advice of nutritional experts has also been considered. With such foods, you can easily trust them. However, do not ignore the other types of food from different manufactures.


What does the meal in question add to your pooch’s nutritional basket? Some foods have been frozen, this means that the value of its nutrients has been interfered with and it may not be as efficient as the others which are fresh.

Most include proteins, with some lacking fruits and vegetables, which are also very crucial for good health. Others have too much grain, artificial ingredients, or preservatives, which you may find unfavourable.

Artificial flavours may be the reason that your dog no longer wants to eat in the first place. Preservatives, on the other hand, are not healthy since it means the food is not fresh. Therefore, choose wisely!

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