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Getting a dog is always a huge responsibility, and sometimes you never have the time to give them the attention they deserve because you have to go to work, and when you return, you may not be able to get your dog engaged as well.

The fact is most dogs are pretty active, and staying active helps them build on their instincts, such as the sense of smell. Therefore, getting them the best puzzle toys for dogs helps them get challenged and helps them stay engaged, especially when they get bored or lonely.

The best puzzle toys for dogs can even help them feed as they play with it. They can help you out if your dog is the hyper type, and they are always on their feet and want to play all the time. Therefore, a puzzle toy for your hyper dog will be the best gift you can get for them if you rarely spend time with them.

Finding the best puzzle toy for your dog can be a bit challenging, analyzing all of them, and deciding which is suitable is too much work, especially if you do not know any of them and how they work as well. Here are the best puzzle toys for dogs in the market you might want to consider.

Best Dog Puzzle Toys List


Classic kong

The classic kong is inarguably the most effective dog puzzle you can start with to help you keep your dog engaged effectively. You do not have to worry about the safety of your dog since this puzzle toy is safe, and many vets would recommend it for any dog.

It has been expertly designed for you to be able to hide food in the toy, which the dog will try and get it out. This method not only helps the dog play but feeds as well. The dog, therefore, enjoys the meal even more cause of actively looking for the food itself. When you realize the dog is already used to the toy, you can enhance the way it gets the food to a more challenging method, which keeps them busy on focusing on getting the food out.

The Classic Kong has been designed to be unique than most toys since the dog can chew it but still retains its original form. Thereby, it is very durable, and your dog can chew it for a long time without tearing it apart, and you have to get a new one.


  • It has an actively chew-proof rubber that maintains its original form over time.
  • It is safe and recommendable by a vet. 


  • The rubber can be torn apart by larger and older dogs hence recommendable for young or smaller dogs.


Nina Ottosson Puzzle Toy For Dogs.

The Nina Ottosson puzzle toy for dogs is a unique puzzle toy for dogs since it has been designed for you to hide your dog's food in different columns that have been engraved in the toy, and your dog has to find a way to get to each of them. The puzzle toy is beneficial since it elevates the sense of smell for your dog, which in turn increases happy hormones.

This toy puzzle for dogs is essential if you want a toy that both you and your dog can participate in and play indoors and increase the bond between the two of you very effectively. Especially if you recently got a new pup in your house, this might just be the puzzle toy for you to buy as a starter.

The puzzle toy is also very efficient in the hygiene perspective since you can clean it very quickly from the sink with running water and leave it to dry. The toy puzzle is made from very safe materials. Therefore, it will not harm your dog in any way possible, but you must keep it clean at all times.


  • It builds on the bond between you and your dog effectively, especially if it's a new pup.
  • It is made from very safe materials that have no additives in them.


  • It gets easier with time; that is why it is recommendable for young pups or dogs with no experience in puzzle toys.


Trixie Dog Activity Chess.

When you realize your dog is smarter than you thought, then Trixie dog activity chess is just the puzzle toy they might love to play with. The puzzle toy has been designed for brilliant dogs since the puzzle toy can be actively enhanced to get harder for the dog as they play.

The puzzle toy is also beneficial for the dog since it elevates its active senses of smell and touch since the dog actively shifts the puzzle toy features to earn gifts, which are in the form of food, thereby leaving it entertained and fed at the same time.

When getting a puzzle toy for your dog, the essential feature you also lookup is hygiene. This puzzle toy has been expertly designed to be able to easily cleaned up quickly after your dog has finished playing with it.

The toy puzzle is very well designed with a rubber feature that helps the puzzle toy remain intact as your dog actively shifts and pushes the toy. For some dogs, this puzzle toy might be quite hard for them, but with some training, they can learn and play along smoothly.


  • The toy puzzle can be adjusted to be more difficult, thereby keeping the dog even more engaged.
  • It can be easily cleaned up.


  • The puzzle toy is tough to learn; that is why it is recommended that you train your dog on how to reach the treats as they play so that their anxiety levels do not rise.


Outward Hound Fun Feeder.

The Outward Hound fun feeder is a unique puzzle toy for your dog mainly if they are used to eating their meals so fast, which in turn affects their guts due to the indigestion of food they did not chew the food properly. Indigestion for your dog will cost you a lot of hospital bills and trips. Therefore, this puzzle toy might be what you effectively need.

The Outward Hound fun feeder has been expertly manufactured with safe materials that contain no additives that might affect the dog; This is due to the food-safe plastic material that is actively used to make most plastic plates; hence very reliable.

The safe plastic material is also easy to clean as well and very tough. Therefore, your dog cannot tear it apart as they eat. The Outward Hound feeder can thereby be used as a dinner plate for your dog effectively, and they will just love it as the dog adapts and learns how to eat slowly.


  • It has been designed to help the dog eat slowly and chew more.
  • It is made from a safe plastic material that has no additives and is sturdy. 


  • The dog puzzle cannot be used for other activities.


Nina Ottoson's Dog Tornado Toy.

Nina Ottoson's has proven to be the best brand since it is expertly a trusted brand and have another unique puzzle for you that will actively engage your dog. The Tornado you has been designed with even harder puzzles than most puzzle toys for dogs currently in the market. The gadget works by turning the different compartments effectively so that the dog reaches for the rewards, respectively.

The Tornado toy has been expertly designed for your dog to be actively engaged even when you are away during work time. The Tornado toy is made expertly to stay intact and is very tough for the dog to tear it apart. 

The Tornado toy is tough to play along with and needs the most brilliant of dogs to catch up with the rewards hidden in them quickly. That is why it is highly recommended that first, you should ensure that your dog is brilliant enough to be able to adapt to the toy. If not, try training the dog and watch for any progress since it might get annoying for them if they don't win.


  • It is very efficient for brilliant dogs that outsmart other puzzle dog toys.
  • It can be used without one having to supervise the dog. 


  • The Tornado toy needs the dog to be trained first hence not recommendable for a dog without any experience with puzzle toys

Guide to obtaining the best dog puzzle toys

Human beings are bound to get bored and need someone to give them some company. Often, people who are good dog lovers prefer them instead of fellow human beings. This is because they not only give good company, but they can also be playful.

But did you know that our canine friends can also get bored? If you didn’t, then the answer is yes! Dogs can bow to pressure and boredom, and consequently, they also need some mental stimulation.

Puzzle games as well as dog toys go a long way in providing the necessary mental stimulation. They are actually something worthy, that the dogs can channels their energy into.

They are a great alternative when you do not feel like going out with your dog for a walk in the park, probably because of the weather or something. At the end of the day, the dog will engage their bodies and minds in the game and their minds will remain active.

However, if you are a beginner or new to keeping and taking care of your dog, finding the best puzzle toy may be challenging. The reason is that there are many dog puzzle toys that you will encounter, and you may not be able to settle for one.

What are some of the essentials you should checkout for inn a dog puzzle toys? This buying guide may be the solution that you have been looking for.

The purpose for which you are buying the puzzle toy

Dog puzzle toys can serve a number of functions just besides acting as a mind stimulator. Therefore, it is essential that we consider some of the other vital roles that a puzzle toy can serve.

As you purchase that puzzle toy, have in mind the role you want it to play so as to make sure you are getting the best.

Dog puzzles as a substitute for exercises

Just as we have seen, you may not be able to take your dog out for some physical exercise due to a number of factors. One such cause may be bad weather, when you just want to stay indoors and gather some warmth. It could be that you are just busy.

However, it remains essential to make sure that your dog gets at least thirty (30) minutes of exercise in a day. If it remains dull the entire day, it may end up destroying your furniture, shoes, carpet or other goods you have in your house.

Therefore, if you want the puzzle toy to act as a substitute for exercise, you should select one that is perfectly suited for that. In other words, find a hard-to-solve puzzle for your dog.

To feed your dog

You could also use a puzzle toy to feed your dog. Normally, different dogs are designed differently by various manufacturers. The difference could be in their shapes or even durability.

Therefore, you may find some puzzle toys that o not perfectly fit what you really wanted. You are advised to first know your dog. Is it a slow eater or a feast-eater? Be sure to find a puzzle toy that will feed your dog the whole meal.

If you want to slow down a fast-eater, it will also be good to check on how the puzzle toy is built just to be sure it serves that purpose.

To prevent anxiety

Our canine friends can be very destructive when they have nothing useful to do. Therefore, it may be that you just want to find a puzzle toy that will keep your dog busy and keep it away from destructive behaviors.
It is therefore imperative that you find a puzzle toy that will sooth your nervous dog. For instance, you are advised to buy one that relies on scent as opposed to a tough puzzle that has to be solved.

This is especially because sniffing is one of the most practicable ways to calm down a dog that is nervous. It only has to use its nose and mind to locate its snack. It will be very effective during occasions like thunderstorms.

To aid in weight management 

Just like we humans, it would be fatal to your dog’s health if it grew too fat. Therefore, you may want to control its weight through its feeding habits. The same tricks that work for us will also work for them.

You simply have to make sure that the dog puzzle toy you are buying is able carry only small amounts of food. If your dog eats small amounts of food a number of times, it is likely to shed off some unwanted weight.

Check to ensure that the puzzle toy can serve this purpose before you dish out some money, as you may not be able to return it.

Ease to clean

By now, we have seen that there are some dog puzzle toys that are useful as food dispensing toys as opposed to hard-puzzle-to solve ones. If you want a food dispensing dog toy, ensure that it will not give you problems when you want to clean it.

This should be an obvious consideration. Who wants to be overwhelmed with too much work? My guess is that both you and I do not want such uncalled for problems. This is why you should be on the look-out.

Further, easy to clean food dispensing dog toys will ensure that they don’t become a health hazard to your dog. How is this possible? If your food dispensing dog toy is hard to clean, it may result in accumulation of germs and bacteria.

This may eventually be ingested by your dog, bringing about some stomach discomfort to him. You may actually have to spend yet more money on treating your dog after this.

Furthermore, if the dog toy is not easy to clean, it may develop some bad odor resulting from the food that you place there.

You should therefore strive to maintain high levels of hygiene at all times.


It should be obvious that anything you purchase has to be strong and durable to serve the purpose that you wanted it to serve. There would be absolutely no point in spending too much money on a product that will not last.

This also applies to a dog puzzle toys. Naturally, our canine pals like to destroy anything that comes their way. What makes you think they will adopt a different approach with that puzzle toy?

You should check to ensure that the puzzle toy is very durable and puncture-resistant. It should be chew-friendly yet able to withstand the repeated chewing, so that you do not have to change it often.

In addition, if it is a food dispensing dog toy, ensure that the toy is not made from rubber that is toxic.
On the other hand, if you are buying a dog toy that you intend to act as a substitute for exercises, it means the material should also be super durable. Find one that will be able to withstand the throws, pulls and biting from your dog.

If you take this into account, it will save you money and it is likely to last for a long duration.


A guarantee from the manufacturers of a product is by far the best assurance that you are actually buying something worth the value of your money. This is because they have undertaken to return your money if the product is faulty.

Given the fact that products may not be 100% effective, it is advisable that you shouldn’t just take the word of the seller as being true. Always address yourself to the risk of the product actually breaking down.

If you have done that, you should then go for a dog puzzle dog that has an allowance of at least 30 days within which you can return the product if it is not working as you wanted it to.

You could also settle for a one where the manufacturers have assured you that they will take care of any losses that accrue as a result of making good a fault that arises from their product.

In the vent that you buy a puzzle dog that has no guarantee, it may be very uneconomical if the worst happens. What are you going to do with a product that does not deliver the intended benefits? That’s some food for thought.

Expert tip 

Dog puzzle toys can actually prevent your dog from the danger of suffering from dementia. This is particularly important if your dog is already of old age.

The puzzle toy will keep the mind active and thinking, as they will always be on their toes. Consequently, this will also help in preventing memory loss, and boosting your dog’s IQ.

If you have an old dog, you are advised to find a stock of dog toys that will come in handy and keep the dog always entertained and happy! This works just perfectly as it would for human beings.

Fun fact 

Just like you and me, our canine friends can also quickly lose interest in something. This is especially the case if a given pattern is repeated over a number of times, therefore making the process monotonous and boring.

Therefore, you may not want to feed your dog with the food dispensing toys for too long. Failure to do this may result in your dog losing the interest in the toy quite fast.

Therefore, you should employ a number of techniques to keep your dog active and to feed it. Mix the puzzle toys with occasional walks, and other available options!


The best puzzle toy for your dog can be a hassle to choose, but you need to understand which one will evenly suit your dog since not all will. The smartest way to select the best puzzle toy for your dog is by first coming up with a suitable reasonable budget, which will, in turn, point you in the right direction.


Thereby, the best puzzle toy for your dog I will recommend is the Classic kong. This is because it is not only budget-friendly but also the best toy a pup would enjoy having in this fantastic adventure of puzzle toys.
The Classic Kong is inarguably the most effective chew-proof toy in the market that is very durable since it is manufactured with a very tough rubber material that keeps it in intact form when chewed with your young growing puppy.

The Classic Kong is very safe since it is recognized and well known by vets to be more effective for your pet. Therefore, it is very reliable and efficient for your dog's playtime and mealtime. Dog puzzle toys are essential for your dog, thus make the right and reasonable choice for their happiness.

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