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There are many ways you can eliminate the unwanted weeds in your garden and lawns, but not all of them are safe your pooch. Its true nobody wants to have unwanted vegetation cover that often makes the lawn unpleasing to the eyes.

But precautions must be taken while choosing weed killers, especially those who own dogs. Traditional herbicides are effective at eliminating weeds but with consequences. It has been shown that they have adverse effects on dogs and other pets.

With the harsh chemicals in some of the weed killers, your dog can easily be poisoned. You are advised to keep off your dog in areas where you have applied the herbicide for at least an hour.

If you have a pup or kids that love playing in the lawns, I suggest you buy the safe weed killers. Such products are usually manufactured using natural ingredients. The objective of this article is to reduce your workload while shopping for safe herbicide.

After thorough research, I have prepared for you a detailed review of some of the best safe to use herbicides on the market. By the end of reading the post, you will have an easy time settling on the best herbicides. 

Best Dog Safe Weed Killer List


Green Gobbler

The first product I will discuss is the Green Gobbler, which on the PH scale lies in the acidic region. The main component is the vinegar. It is extracted from the cons of a higher concentration of up to 20 percent.

If you want to get rid of the weeds on your lawn, this is a product you want to try. It is highly effective, and many users have reported seeing results within 24 hours. Imagine spraying your lawn in the morning, and when you wake up the next day, every weed is gone!

You should also know that this product does not require any mixing. It comes as a 'ready to use' product, which is good as you won’t have to worry about getting the required solution and the ratio you are supposed to mix the two. All of that has been done for you.

Manufacturers claim that the product is safe for our dog and is approved for organic use. You will like that it comes with a spray that you can fit on the same jug spray your lawn right away


  • Fast results
  • The product comes with a spray nozzle
  • It is ready to use product


  • It has an overpowering vinegar smell
  • Not all the ingredients used in making the product are listed


Dr. Kirchner

The main thing you need to know about this herbicide is that it is non-selective. By that, I mean that it kills all the vegetation cover where you will have applied it. Therefore you need to be cautious while using it.

You are advised only to apply it in cracks or in areas in your lawn where you want to clear everything. The main components used in making this product is vinegar and water with high concentrations of salt, preferably seawater.

Dr. Kirchner, weed eliminator, is a product that is safe for your pooch and humans. All the ingredients are natural and don't have any side effects on humans. Your kid should be safe if he/she plays in the lawn after you've sprayed the herbicide.

You can also use this product in your garden to kill unwanted vegetation. Considering that it comes in different sizes, you easily find the right amount for your lawn, depending on the size.


  • It is manufactured using natural ingredients
  • No mixing is required
  • The herbicide is highly effective


  • It is non-selective
  • You may encounter shipment challenges depending on the country you reside


Natural Armor Weed Killer

This product has no traces of organophosphorus compounds. Especially glyphosate, which is known to contain carcinogenic elements. It is easy to apply, as it does not need any form of mixing.

You will see the results in hours; some users have reported this. Some of the key ingredients that have made this product admirable are citrus, acetic acid, and glycerin. You will notice that they are all eco-friendly.

In addition, the ingredients have no known side effects to dogs or humans. You can spray this herbicide pretty much anywhere you don’t want grass. Given that it comes with a trigger spray getting the job done shouldn’t be a problem to you at all.


  • There are no traces of glyphosate
  • It is environmentally friendly
  • The product has many areas of application


  • Some users don’t like that the nozzles leaks
  • Some claim that they didn't work effectively for them


EcoClean Solutions

Another great product that is safe for your dog is the US manufactured Ecoclean solutions. It is popular for its multiple uses. If you are after a herbicide that you can use to clean brick surfaces, increase the acidity of your soil, then this is the product for you.

This organic product is made of thirty percent vinegar, which is about six times more acid than the regular vinegar. This high acid concentration makes it an effective weed killer as it can burn out almost any type of weed.

The organic attribute of this product makes it pet friendly. Your pet does not stand the risk of getting harmed when it gets into contact with it. However, much caution should be taken to ensure that your pet does not accidentally drink, as ingesting the product might be harmful to your pet.

This also happens to be one of those weed killers that you can either dilute or use as it is. If you prefer diluting it, use a water mix with water to obtain the desired solution. You don't have to worry about the additional costs of acquiring a diluting solution.


  • It is an organic product
  • Easy to dilute with water
  • Can be used for multiple tasks


  • It's relatively expensive compared to other natural herbicides
  • Can cause actual bodily harm when it gets into contact with your skin



The last weed killer on this review list is the preen weed preventer. This multipurpose product can be used to control weeds in your lawn or garden. The product is manufactured in granule form and can be used on growing plants without the risk of burning them.

The 60% protein composition in the gluten meal used to manufacture this product not only makes it a worthy competitor to other products in the market, but it also makes it versatile as it acts as a fertilizer to your growing plants.

This product only controls weeds by preventing them from growing and can be used at any point in your garden, even on the harvesting day! The product, however, does not have any effect on grown weeds. The upside of this item is that you don't have to worry about your lawn drying out after using it.

Given that this is a fully natural product using it does not expose your children and pet to any health hazards. If you need a product that can produce remarkable results on your lawn as well as your garden, then this product is your perfect pick.


  • It is made using organic materials
  • It acts as a fertilizer to growing plants
  • It has no health effects on kids and pets


  • The product cannot be used on growing weeds
  • Preen is quite expensive compared to other weed killers.

Guidelines to Follow While Purchasing Safe Weed Killer

Knowing the best weed killer on the market is not enough. You also need to be adequately informed about factors you can keep in mind to help you choose the right product among the best.

This practice is not as easy as many people think it is. Well, you may be wondering that dogs are carnivorous, so how are they going to be poisoned when you are getting rid of weeds.

You will be surprised by many ways of how you can poison your pet from a simple activity like spraying the herbicides on your lawn. The obvious way will be when the pooch plays with or chews the container of the herbicide. If it contains a poisonous element, be sure your dog will be a victim.

Some cases may occur over time when the runoff contaminated harsh chemical elements mix with a water source for your dog. If your dog is poisoned, you should know by observing breathing difficulties, vomiting, and diarrhea in your pouch.

Observing such a seen is not something many people can do. To avoid such unfortunate happenings, you need to be able to buy the right kind of weed killer that does not pose any danger to you or your pup.
For that to happen, I have prepared for you some guidelines that can guide you to select the most suitable weed killer available.


Before purchasing any product, make sure that you know all the ingredients used in manufacturing it. You should not stop there, go further, and ensure that you know the effects each element will have on humans, dogs, and the environment.

I argue you to research chemicals agents that can be harmful to your dog and try to avoid products that contain such elements. This practice will ensure that your pup is safe from poisoning.

You need to be aware of some carcinogenic elements. A good example is glyphosate, which is common in many weed killers. I advise you to consider going for the few ones that are free from organophosphorus elements.

If you think you have to use products that contain carcinogenic substances, make sure that use protective gear and the product shouldn't be harmful to dogs. Remember, the sole purpose of this post is to help you get a safe dog herbicide.

You can go a mile further and choose an environmentally-friendly product. You need a product that kills the unwanted vegetation with little or no side effects on the remaining vegetation.

Be aware that the product you use to get rid of weed may also affect your soil PH. Some additives are acidic, while others are basic. Depending on the current state of your garden, you should know the right product to purchase.


You should also consider the effectiveness of the product before selecting it. One way of doing this is by checking on the elements in the solution. Glyphosate is a highly effective compound, but from what we have discussed, you have realized that it also has some downsides.

Here you need to get a product that will get you the results you want within the shortest time possible. You will be surprised that we have some products that kill weeds even in an hour. My advice is that you buy such products.

Keep in mind that some herbicides take time to kill the weeds and are required to be applied continuously over some time for you to get the desired results.

Many prefer such products because even though they are slow, the results are great, and once the weeds have been killed, there are zero chances of sprouting again.

You also need to factor in how easily the product dries up; this reduces the cases of pet poisoning. If the herbicide takes long to dry up, it may rain, and the surface runoff may find a way into the water sources of your dog. You won’t like the outcome.

In addition to that, it is recommended that you choose water repellent herbicides. If it’s accidentally mixed with water, your dog may notice and avoid drinking it. Note that such products come ready to use.

Lawn size

This is a straight forward factor to keep in mind. Depending on your yard size, make sure that you buy a product that will cover the entire area you are interested in. You also need to factor in the size of the weeds in your lawn.

If the unwanted vegetation is thick, you should get a weed killer proportional to the task. Avoid purchasing small amounts of herbicides in large quantities; this increase the pollution to the environment since disposing of plastic containers can be a challenge


Your safety and that of your pooch should always come first. You need to make sure that the additives in the products may not result in any harm in your dog. Not all elements are harmless; some like glyphosate may contain carcinogenic elements.

When it comes to your safety, be sure to buy products that will not irritate your skin, eyes, or cause any respiratory difficulties during application time. You should consider the same for your dog.

I recommend that you buy weed killers that dry up fast and are water repellant. When the product dries up quickly, the likelihood of your dog being poisoned will reduce. There will be no chance of the solution is washed away and mixed with a water source for your pup.

Weedkiller can either be organic or industrial. The organic once is made using natural material, whereas industrials once may contain the same chemicals. Between the organic herbicides are safer.


In as much as the goal is to weed out your lawn or garden, it is also essential that you achieve this within your budget constraints. You should make a cost valuation to ensure that you get maximum value for your money.

Weedkiller retail at different prices. Some of the factors that bring about this variation include the ingredients, the level of effectiveness of the product, and the brand of the manufacturer.

In most cases, high priced products prove to be more effective. However, this might not be the case. You should have a clear objective of what you intend to achieve to determine the effectiveness of any product rather than using their price.

Some products only need to be applied once to guarantee results, but others need to be applied for a prolonged duration at a particular frequency. The latter tend to cost more cumulatively, as you will have to incur the purchasing cost multiple times.

You should go for a product that is within your budget limit and can still deliver on your task effectively. Avoid products that may bring about additional costs in the form of having to procure unique diluting ingredients.

Ease of use

There are two types of weed killers; concentrated solution and the 'ready to use' products. In any case, the product you are buying should give you an easy time using it. The concentrated solution type will require you to dilute it with another solution.

The product is usually in an active form, and the addition of water activates the enzymes making it viable for use. Remember not all the time you will mix the herbicide with water; some may require specific solutions that you will have to buy, for example, anionic agents.

In that case, you need to know that concentrated solution tends to be more expensive because of the other additives you have to get to make it ready for use.

On the other hand, the products that are ready to use are more preferably to many people. This is because you can use it right away from the shop; all the work has been done for you.

Another thing you can do to ensure that you have an easy time eliminating your weeds is being aware of how the product works. Some prevent the weeds from growing and those that eliminate the weeds.

Knowing the use of the herbicide will save you time and money. Imagine using a product that is meant to prevent weeds from growing to kill weeds. You will struggle and end up disappointing yourself because you will see no result.

If your garden has no weeds, to be on the safer side, you should use weed preventer, and if you already have weeds on your lawn, go for weed killers.

Type of weed

If you ever notice that some unwanted weeds are growing on your lawn, don’t just rush to the nearest store to buy a herbicide. That should not be the case. I recommend that you first get to know the type of weed that is growing in your yard.

This will enable you to get the appropriate weed killer. You should know that some weeds are hard to eliminate and require more concentrated solutions; in addition, each herbicide has been manufactured to deal with some specific weeds.
Although you may find that they are those that can kill more types of weeds, you need to determine if the weeds you want to get rid of are seasonal or perennial. Seasonal weeds come with seasons, and they tend to die away when seasons change.
On the other hand, perennial weeds are hard to manage, and as a result, they need to be met with a highly effective product. Take your time and research about the unwanted vegetation you want to eliminate; you can do this by looking online.


Are you looking for safe products that can help you eliminate all the unwanted vegetation cover in your lawn or backyard? Yes, I believe you are, and that is why you are reading this well researched and detailed review.

I hope that the insight I have provided you in this write up has been of importance to you. I have discussed the top pooch-friendly weed killers on the market to make your work easier.

Now for the few who are still undecided on what they should buy, I am recommending that you purchase the Green Gobbler. It is my top product on the list. It is mainly composed of highly concentrated vinegar and also contains biodegradable substances.

It is a safe pet product with no known negative effects on dogs. One reason why you should go for this product is that it is highly effective and results can be seen just in 24 hours! Apart from that, the product comes ready to use.

When the weeds infest your lawn, I strongly suggest that you buy the Green Gobbler, you won’t be disappointed.

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