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Do you own a dog? How many to be precise, because you can never have enough dogs to bring a little cheer into your life whenever they waggle their tail. And they say that a dog is man’s best friend is very true, they are precious creatures!

Of course, having a dog requires you to be on your feet and make sure they get fed, bathed and the occasional walks to the park. Hey, a dog needs some exercise and I know you aren’t expecting them to start lifting weights with you in the gym.

Unless it’s that pup who always had Jerry’s back! Well if you really want a worthy exercise plan for your dog, why not get a treadmill! Yes! Dogs can have treadmills too; they are designed to suit the needs of your canine friend and ensure their safety as well.

There are tons of exercise equipment for dogs, they ensure that your dog is healthy and fit, just like humans dogs need to be healthy and strong to evade sickness and the gloomy moods that often strike people.

So, with a good meal plan and a treadmill you can completely transform the way your dog acts and lives. Especially since people are very busy these days and they don’t get time to walk their dogs or play catch anymore.

When you scout the market, you will find treadmills designed for small and big dogs. With the necessary speed and protective features. But it can be a bit hard to know which treadmill you are going to buy, but not to worry just take a look at these top three treadmills for dogs.

Best Dog Treadmill List


DogPacer Treadmill

The DogPacer Treadmill is an innovative training equipment that has brought joy to dogs and their owners for a while now. It accommodates dogs which weigh up to 180 pounds, which is a pretty open playing field that your dog will definitely fit into, it has a 71x 16.5 inches platform.

This space allows your dog to easily carry out their exercise regimen. The motor does not produce a lot of noise like some treadmills. Which is very good if your dog won’t like the noise or it’s likely to scare and distract them, another spectacular feature is that it is foldable.

Couple the foldability, with the compact design and you get yourself a lightweight treadmill that can be stored anywhere in your house. Having a treadmill for your dog in the house means that the weather won’t impede their exercise, this treadmill also comes with a training program.


  • It has a training program that is already set and you can also configure it anyhow you want
  • It has a compact design which makes it lightweight and easy to store
  • The motor does not produce a lot of noise when running, offering a comfortable exercise environment for your dog


  • It is not easy to assemble
  • The belt takes some time before it can start running smoothly


PetZen Dog Treadmill

One might have their doubts about buying a treadmill since, you can just walk your dog. But walking your dog everyday requires a great deal of initiative and consistency. But I think you can find a friend in the PetZen Treadmill to lift this burden from your shoulders.

It has a LED control system that allows you to set the appropriate time and speed for effectively training your dog. If you don’t want to keep using the LED control then it also comes with a remote control you can use to alter and diversify the level of training.

It has a remarkable treat holder that you can use to motivate your dog during their training exercise. Which is a good idea to make your dog adjust faster to the treadmill. It has a whisper-quiet motor to make sure the dog isn’t spooked, and the overall design is classy and portable.


  • Equipped with a quite motor to provide a comfortable environment, some dogs are really scared of a loud running treadmill
  • It is convenient as you can set the desired training settings on the LED or simply use a remote control
  • Has a compact foldable design easy to store and transport


  • It is difficult to assemble and takes too much time
  • It is very expensive 


GoPet Dog Treadmill

This treadmill is undeniably on of the best dog treadmills you will find out there. It has an accurate design and is packed with features that truly resonate the training program of a dog. With a button panel and a remote control, you can set the speed you want on this treadmill.

It has a 1 horsepower motor that will be enough to valiantly endure the exercise program you want for your dog without letting you down. Some dogs can take weeks before they fully adjust to this technological marvel before them, this treadmill allows you to attach a toy at the front for motivation.

With quality and strong wheel, the GoPet Dog is easy to move around. Say you want to take it to the bedroom where you can easily monitor the exercise of your dog, you won’t have to struggle trying to lift it. It is specifically constructed for dogs that weigh up to 175 pounds.


  • Allows you to adjust the speed using easy to understand buttons or a remote control
  • It is very good for overweight dogs
  • Has a powerful motor to withstand the exercise program of your dog


  • It has a loud motor that might scare dogs
  • It is not very suitable for small dogs

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Dog Treadmill

There is no denying how life has changed for virtually everyone. People are now busier and working hard to make sure they put food on the table. Sometimes having a pet might be a distraction for some people.
But as a dog lover myself I am well aware that there is no better company than that of a dog. If you find yourself straying away from your normal routine and thus unable to take your dog on outdoor walks, then a treadmill is what you need.

Why else do you need a treadmill? Dogs develop health issues just like humans and even emotional ones, when they are not given the chance to go outside and hop around chasing after butterflies.

This can be extremely dangerous since they aren’t getting much physical exercise. A treadmill is even more important when you have an obese dog who continues to look gloomier by the day, it can help the pup get back in shape.

But don’t rush into buying a treadmill before you understand your dog’s precise needs. Since you might get the wrong treadmill and this will be a huge waste of money. But we won’t let that happen, below are some of the factors to check and consider before you buy that treadmill.

The speed 

What speed do you want? This all comes down to the overall weight, age and personality of your dog. If your dog is overweight, then you might want to start him off slow, then carefully increase the speed as they keep adjusting.

Same applies with the age, older dogs might not have the required energy to bear with high speeds. And with time no amount of motivation will be able to get them running on that treadmill, so like I said it is all about understanding your dog.

The last factor is the personality and mood of your dog. Most dogs are always jovial and jumpy, scampering to the door whenever they hear your footsteps, for tis class of dogs then a treadmill with a high maximum speed can really come in handy.

I have friends who tell me about how their dogs just can’t keep off the treadmill. Are you getting a multi or single speed treadmill? The safest option is definitely a multi speed treadmill, since you have various speed options to treat your dog to.

They normally have about 1 mph to 5 mph, and for a young and energetic dog this amount of speed can be thrilling and very useful. Considering these multi speed treadmills have button setting and remote-control systems, you don’t have to worry.

A single speed treadmill isn’t bad either but that means you are not giving your dog enough speed exposure to sufficiently boost their physical activity regimen. Perhaps this might be better for an older dog.

Portable and Compact Design

Dog treadmills are constructed out of sturdy materials meaning that most of them can’t even be lifted. This puts you in a tight box whereby you are not allowed to move the treadmill around, you can only set it up at a specific spot in your house once you have assembled it.

Luckily, more and more brands are making portable treadmills, specifically by installing wheels on them. This means you can be able to push the treadmill to any specific place in the house, at your own accord of course.

You want to hand around the living room while your dog trains? Maybe you are want to drag the treadmill to the master bedroom! Portability is an element that can a long way towards ensuring you get a convenient equipment.

The other thing is the size or design of the treadmill. Do you have enough space in your house? This is a very pertinent question that requires a hard thought before eventually deciding to buy that treadmill.

If you want a large treadmill but you don’t have enough space, then you might want to downgrade to a more compact design. It’s not only about having enough space, you don’t want the treadmill to eat up too much space.

The Weight of your Dog and Size of the Treadmill

The weight of your pup plays a huge role in determining the treadmill you are going to spend your money on. This is because treadmills usually have a specific weight capacity to ensure functionality is kept at an all-time high.

If the treadmill can’t handle the weight of your dog, then two things can happen. One, it will weigh down the speed of the treadmill and the belt won’t be able to move well. Two, the mechanism of the treadmill can come to a sudden halt due to damage.

Ordinarily, a larger pup will slow down the speed of the treadmill and not tap into its benefits. So check to see if the weight capacity of the treadmill you want to buy if the right one for your dog and you will not regret it!

When it comes to the size of the treadmill, were mainly talking about the running platform. You want your pup to have enough space for exercising without suddenly slipping and hurting themselves.

I mean just imagine that, one minute the dog is on the treadmill and the next minute you see them trying to pick themselves up from the floor. The issue of size also applies when we talking about space.

Protective Walls

You have probably that the dog treadmills listed above all have walls on the sides. They safely confine your dog to the treadmill and give them a sense of security. If you don’t want the protective walls ten you can take them out.

Most treadmills have this option of retractable walls. It is also not a big issue either when you want to transport the treadmill, since some of these walls are foldable giving the equipment a more compact design.

I wouldn’t exactly say that this factor is extremely important because it depends on your preference. Most people just place the treadmill against a wall leaving only one side open, but it is an indication of the various features brands are introducing in their products.


Whether the mechanism of the treadmill is loud or quite can have an impact on the adaptability of your dog. At the initial stages of training your dog you will have to keep them on a leash and it can be pretty frustrating to see that the noise disturbs them.

Although, there are some dogs who really don’t mind the noise. You should take any chances, go for a quiet working motor that doesn’t distract or disturb your dog and you can watch tem fall in love with their new exercise equipment.

Other Features 

Brands are coming up with exciting and innovative features to catch your attention, so it can’t hurt to take the bait! It might mean buying a more expensive product but it’s worth it to ensure the safety and efficacy of the treadmill.

For instance, you’ll find that some products have an eyelet at the front. You can attach your dog’s favorite toy or a treat as an incentive to motivate your pup to keep those legs working! This is very useful in the initial stages of training your dog to use the treadmill.

Another extra feature is a smooth belt. Make sure that the belt does not have any holes, they can easily hurt your pup’s paws and cause some serious injuries. So the belt has to be smooth for the sake of your dog.

Owing to the fact that the dog is running at a high speed, some furs will likely fly of everywhere. Hence, it is imperative that the motor of the treadmill as a case. It’s just a safety precaution, mainly because if the furs attach float to the motor it may cause overheating.

Benefits of Getting a Dog Treadmill

Why should you buy a dog treadmill? I am very sure this is the number one question lingering in your head. Maybe you just stumbled into this interesting article and have no motivation to actually buy a dog treadmill since you dint even know they existed!

Well allow me to break down some of the benefits you are likely to get from a dog treadmill. They not only apply to your dog but also to you, since you play a big role in the general well-being of your canine friend.

Makes Sure Dogs Get their Daily Exercise 

People rarely get the time to walk their dogs and this mean, no exercise for the dog. Since you leave the house early in the morning and even if you have kids they will still have to go to school, so the dog naturally spends in the house all day.

With a treadmill carefully positioned at a strategic place in the house, you can ensure that your dog gets to have a run on the platform at least every day. I mean surely you can spare some 20 min in the morning or even at night.

Promotes Lose of Weight

A lot of dogs are overweight, why? Well despite the normal outdoor walks being very important they are still not enough to guarantee the fitness of your dog. The other reason is some dogs don’t even get that outdoor walk.

Weight management is very important to humans, that’s why you see countless people making their way to the gym and adopting new healthy diet programs. Since it not only boosts your confidence but also keeps you healthy.

So I don’t see any reason why the same privilege should be accorded to dogs. With a scheduled daily run on the treadmill, an obese dog will be able to fasten their metabolism and burn more calories leading to an improvement in their weight.

Helps an Injured Dog recover

If your dog has gone through an injury, it is best to put them through some physical rehabilitation in order to better their muscle movement. A treadmill can do this impeccably well, with a controlled speed of course.

The exercise will improve their muscle flexibility and muscle tone. This will lead have you dog in tip top shape in no time. It is important to note that a treadmill will achieve mobility faster than any outdoor walk.

It is not impeded by Weather Conditions

The weather is yet another problem associated with outdoor walks. It can be very disadvantageous if you live in a place that is always raining or snowing. Because before you know a month will pass without your dog getting some exercise.

So to eliminate the difficulties of walking your dog that come with winter, you can get yourself a treadmill. You will never have to complain about the weather getting in the way of your dog’s exercise routines.

It is a Great Bonding Experience 

The fact that you are not walking your dog anymore doesn’t mean you won’t get to bond with them enough. Teaching your dog how to use a treadmill is a fun and exciting experience, that will no doubt ensure you and your dog get closer.

The best way to carry out the training is not to be harsh or forceful. Incorporate great incentives like giving your dog a treat whenever they are done exercising and I assure you that you will not forget those moments.


A dog treadmill can be the solution to your dog’s exercise problems which stem from your busy schedule. With an indoor exercise plan you can keep them healthy and strong, and most of all get some bonding time.

Besides some dogs are so high spirited that an outdoor walking isn’t going to drain the juice out of them. But they can effectively channel all that energy into a treadmill while getting the health benefits that come with it.

If you are in a bit of a pickle about which specific dog treadmill to buy then don’t worry since I can understand that the options are so many. You can pick one from the ones mentioned above, they are all top-notch equipment.

But the best of them all is the DogPacer Treadmill. It has a weight capacity of 180 pounds making it appropriate for large dogs. With a 71x 16.5 inch running platform it provides enough space to make sure your pup doesn’t fall off. It will not disappoint you!

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