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CosyMeadow Escape-Proof Dog harness

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Taking your dog for a walk can get hard, especially if you are doing it for the first time, and maybe you are unfamiliar with the dog. Most dogs do not like harnesses and will do everything in their power to get out of one. One might assume the importance of a good harness until they take a dog for a walk, and the dog miraculously detaches itself from the harness and is running freely across the hood.

Not all dog harnesses are useful since some dogs always find a way to get out of one, which can be very stressful when going for a walk since it turns into a chase you did not plan on having or even cost you to lose your dog.

The best dog harness must be designed to be tough, but the fact is dogs' teeth are more hardened as well. Therefore, the harness should be designed in such a way the dog cannot bite it, and if they can, then they must not succeed in tearing it apart.

Choosing the best suitable harness for your dog can be so much of a hassle. This is because you do not even know what the best features to look out for. Here are the best dog harnesses and their inarguably best features you would need on a harness that you might have to consider. 

Best Escape Proof Dog Harness List


CosyMeadow Escape-Proof Dog harness.

The CosyMeadow escape-proof dog harness is a very expertly designed harness that is very effective as it stays intact, and the dog is not able to discharge their body from the dog harness at all costs.

This dog harness has been manufactured with very tough materials and is up to the task of containing your dog when going for a walk. This is due to both nylon webbing and neoprene materials that ensure the dog harness holds the dog entirely and enhances its comfort as well.

This dog harness has also expertly been installed with heavy buckles and stainless metal rings, which firmly holds the harness to the leash. They have expertly been designed to be able to release the harness from dogs easily and quickly. This is because the easier a dog harness is released, the more your dog gets comfortable with one.

This harness is also very effecient and productive because the harness has been developed with a handle for you to lift your dog, especially if your dog is small and can't go about some high ground.


  • The dog harness is effortlessly removed from the dog.
  • The dog harness has been smartly designed to stay intact and prevent the dog from slipping through.


  • The harness has been said to get loose if your dog chews it over time.


Ruffwear -Webmaster harness.

The Ruffwear harness is more beneficial to you if your dog tends to outsmart most harnesses that you have tried. This particular harness has been inarguably the most vastly considered since by its name, it is made in a web-like structure that consists of three distinct straps that hold the dog firmly around its chest.

Most Harnesses have a tendency to concentrate the leash's force on the neck as you pull, which ends up hurting the dog. Such a case makes most dogs afraid of the harness. Therefore, the Ruff-wear harness has been designed to evenly shift the force you use on the leash equally across the dog's chest.

The Ruff-wear harness is inarguably the most effective since it not only focuses on the dog's containment but also hygiene since the harness has an easily hand-washable material that you can easily clean up. The material is also smartly designed to enhance its visibility when it's dark due to its reflective feature that most harness lack.

The harness is also convenient for you since it comes in various sizes that you can choose from according to your dog size. Apart from the multiple sizes, the harness also comes in different colors for you as well.


  • The harness is made up of very quality material that can contain your dog effectively.
  • The harness comes in different good quality colors for you to choose from. 


  • It does not come with a warranty but is worth purchasing.


ICEFANG Tactical Dog Harness.

The Tactical dog harness is a great harness that is recommendable for your dog, especially when you mostly go out with your dog on hunts or even a simple walk in the park.

The Tactical dog harness has been smartly designed with very high-quality materials that will not be easily torn apart by your dog. The material helps your dog to perfectly fit in the harness as it firmly and comfortably holds your dog's half-front body. The harness is also conveniently made to last long for you to utilize.

The Tactical dog harness is very efficient as well since it is expertly installed with strips made of velcro, which you can efficiently use to store helpful staff that you might need later for your dog or even you.
The harness has conveniently two points of leash attachments for you to choose from, unlike other harnesses for dogs that only offer one point of leash attachment for you to use without considering other alternatives. 


  • It uniquely possesses a storing feature due to the attached velcro strips.
  • It contains a very firm handle that is convenient and effective.


  • The harness might be inconvenient for small pups with relatively more modest bodies.


The Harness Lead

The harness lead is the right harness for your slippery dog that seems to adapt and later escapes most harnesses since it is designed to be wrapped around your dog's chest and belly conveniently as you enjoy your walk. Even though most people would not prefer the lead harness due to assumptions of it chocking the dog, it is designed just to pull the dog from the chest evenly as you pull.

The harness lead might look weak on sight, but surprisingly, it is made from a very tough material that can support vaguely 3700 pounds effectively without going apart hence ensures if you maintain your grip on it, you will have total control of your dog.

The harness lead conveniently comes in distinct sizes that you can choose, considering the size of your dog effectively. Apart from the sizes, the colors are of good quality and have a multiple of them for you to choose from.

Most harnesses of this nature tend to get more tight, thereby chocking the dog, but the Harness lead has been smartly equipped with rubberlike stoppers that prevent it from tightening any further.


  • It helps in containing slippery dogs that have failed to stay in other harnesses.
  • It contains rubber stoppers that retain it from tightening further


  • It takes time to learn how to put the harness around your dog but is worth learning.


Mihachi Secure Dog Harness

The Mihachi secure dog harness effectively serves the purpose of containing your dog from any escape attempts incredibly well, considering it has been manufactured with an extra restraint that helps to distribute the forces acting against the harness evenly across the chest and tummy of your dog.

The Mihachi secure dog harness has a very firm plastic handle that is located on top of the harness that you can use to hold onto the harness. The harness has also been smartly designed to conveniently help you see your dog during low lighting situations by the use of a reflective gear attached to the harness conveniently.

The Mihachi secure dog harness is a very good looking harness that is very appealing to the eye; moreover, it comes in only two distinct length sizes, since it is very recommended to pups with massive bodies. It is also designed with a mixture of two colors(gray and black) that are of high quality and make it look so decent.


  • It has a reflective material attached to it that enhances your visuals in low light.
  • It has a very firm plastic handle that is substantially effective compared to most handles. 


  • It does not come with a warranty, but it is worth your purchase.

Best escape proof dog harness; buying tips

Occasionally, it may be necessary to go out with your dog for a walk at a place of your choice. This may be because you want to the mind of the dog to remain active. It is recommended that your dog should get 30 minutes to 2 hours daily for exercise.

However, most of our canine pals are stubborn and it may prove difficult to control them. If you have ever experienced an incident of your dog’s escapades, you will agree with me that a solution is necessary.
There are several techniques that can be employed to prevent your dog from escaping during your walk with him. This includes the use of dog collars, dog harnesses as well as leashes which help you to control your dog’s movements.

Despite the fact that many techniques are available, few are in fact effective as your dog can still slip away. It is therefore important that you find a means that is both secure for your dog and escape proof.
Dog harnesses are our recommended option, and this buying guide will provide you with important tips you have to consider if you want to buy an escape proof harness. 


As concerns the material of the harness, there are a number of factors that you may want to consider. The obvious one is the quality of the material, as this contributes significantly to whether your dog will be able to escape.

One of the main reasons as to why dogs manage to slip away from the harnesses is the fact that they can chew through the materials used. Therefore, when purchasing one, check to ensure that the material is chew-resistant.

That said, you may want to consider harnesses made from materials with high tensile strengths such as high-quality faux leather or even double braided nylon. Further, you may consider a harness made from high-intensity polyester that is strong and durable.

The other aspect that you should look out for concerning materials is whether it is breathable. From our experience as human beings, too much heat can be make someone uncomfortable and uneasy.

The same criteria actually applies to our canine pals. You should find a harness made from a material that is breathable to allow free circulation of air. Excess heat will find its way out and the dog will be comfortable wearing the harness.

Additionally, for hygiene purposes, ensure that the material used to make the dog harness is washable.

Type of connectors and attachments

Dogs that are an escape risk need a high level of security to restrain them. The type of connectors that are used in making the harness play a vital role in this part. You therefore have to consider the type of connector that has been used for the harness.

It is important to note that strong and durable connectors may make it difficult for you to put on the harness, or even to take it off, but it is worth the trouble. Ensure that what has been used for attachments such as leash rings is durable.

You may want to consider metallic attachments to increase efficiency, such as those made from an amalgam of aluminum and zinc alloy. Give priority to metallic buckles as well, regardless of the fact that most are actually made from plastic.

Adaptations to visibility

Are you ready to risk the life of your dog while walking him outside? Why is it important for your dog harness to have some visibility enhancement features?

The answers to this questions are simple. Just like all motorists are always advised to wear reflective jackets, so should your dog put on a harness to enhance its visibility. Consequently, motorists will be able to spot him from far and won’t knock him down.

It is also important for you as the dog owner in the event that your dog slips away, as you can easily spot him. This is especially important if it is dark.

Therefore, depending on the type of the harness and the manufacturers, find a harness that has a reflective material which may be some patches or stitching, trims on the exterior parts of the harness or in some cases the main harness.

The size and fit of the harness 

Depending on feeding habits, dogs often have different body sizes and weight. It is not uncommon to find dogs that are too slim, or some that are extremely big and well fed.

As a result, a dog harness that fits one dog may turn out to be small for another dog or too large for another. It is important to note that not all types of harnesses are manufactured in different sizes.

Likewise, there is no given criteria by which manufacturers can gauge the size of a dog harness. What this means is that what one manufacturer may represent as being of a small or medium size may be different from one represented as so by a different manufacturer.

You therefore have to gauge and ensure that the harness is not going to be too tight or too loose. Although the harness has to be snug, it may bring about chaffing if it becomes too dog.

A good owner will always check on their dog as they walk to make sure he is not scratching on one part of the harness. That may be a red flag that the harness is too snug on that part.

Likewise, since what you want is an escape proof dog harness, you should regularly check to ensure that the material of the harness has not stretched too much thereby making the harness loose.


The number of attachment point that the harness has determines how flexible the harness allows you to be. It should not be designed in such a way that your control is restricted.

Why do we say this? Basically, you can be able to control your dog’s movement by attaching his leash to strategic points on the harness. A case in point is when you want to throw the dog off his balance.

This calls for attaching the leash to the front of his chest, consequently preventing him from pulling by throwing him off balance.


Always check to ensure that the harness you are purchasing has handles attached to it. The handles will give you more control of your dog, as you will be in a position to keep the dog closer to you and away from danger.

Further, handles will enable you to help your dog in situations where the dog is unable to do something on its own. For instance, you can easily help your canine friend to get into a high car with the help of handles.

Types of escape proof dog harnesses 

There are two main types of escape proof dog harnesses that you are likely to encounter in the market.
Coat-like dog harnesses

This type of dog harness resembles a dog coat, and we have already seen most of its features above. Normally, this types of harnesses are designed with padded materials at the front.

They have some adjustable straps and buckles which can be adjusted to give a perfect fit for your dog. In most cases, they are equipped with two leash rings for increased control. Coat-like dog harnesses also have visibility enhancement features and a handle.

Harness lead

This type of harnesses is particularly important for dogs that have a history of pulling too much. Usually, they resemble a dog leash, and they are designed with a long thin length of material that have loops at the end.

Its use is actually simple, as all you have to do is to place the loop over your dog’s head then proceed to wrap the remaining length around your dog and adjust it where necessary.

How to put the dog harness on your dog

Putting a harness on your dog may prove to be a very difficult task. This is especially the case if it is the first time your dog is going to be using the harness. As your dog is not familiar with it, it may be resistant to wearing it.

Therefore, you may have to be a bit friendly and try to acclimatize your canine friend with the dog harness. So the first tip is to ensure that you have purchased a harness with the right fit.

Measure your dog’s circumference if you have to, provided you get the right size of harness.

The second tip regards the position of your dog. Let it stand in a comfortable position. This will be better than if the dog is sitting, as then the rib cage will be a bit thicker than if he was standing.

You can then place the harness on the floor before lifting it up to touch your dog’s belly and chest. Proceed to find the straps, and hen buckling it up both at the front and at the rear.

While fastening the straps, ensure that they are snug, but also check to ensure that they are not too tight. You can do a quick check by testing whether your two fingers can the space left between the harness and your dog’s body.

Expert tip

Always carry out a test to see how secure your dog is before heading out for that walk. For instance, you can let your dog walk around in the house to see whether there is any loophole that will allow him to slip free from the harness.

Check the straps to ensure that the dog is not able to slip its elbows through them.


The best harnesses for your dog need to be carefully analyzed before deciding to order one right away actively. The purchase of harnesses for dogs can be determined with different harnesses your dog has actively escaped from.

The best harness for your dog that is actively escape-proof, I would highly recommend, is the CosyMeadow escape-proof harness since it can conveniently be rapidly removed from your dog without any hassle at all. This harness has a very firm handle that you can effectively use to lift your pup to go about higher ground.

The harness has also been smartly designed for you to conveniently see your dog during low light situations due to its reflective material attached to it. The harness has also been creatively designed with different sizes to fit your dog accordingly. Moreover, it has been designed to come in multiple colors of good quality to enhance its looks and appearance satisfactorily.

The best harness for your dog will solemnly depend on your decision. Therefore, you should analyze the harnesses smartly to get the best one. First come up with a reasonable budget that you are willing to use from there onwards selecting one would not be a problem.

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