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Dogs are really lovable creatures. They make excellent pets and companions, and these are just some of the reasons why they are largely regarded as man's best friend. Anyone who owns a dog knows this that they absolutely love and enjoy playing in the grass.

While playing in the grass might be fun for these creatures, it makes it a nightmare for you to maintain and keep your lawns tidy. Dogs are known to destroy lawns, as they dig, poop and piss on the grass. This is why you should grow grass that can withstand the wear and tear caused by dogs.

There are several species of grass that are sturdy enough for dogs to play on. These species are common, and you will love them, as they will be easy to maintain and will ensure that your yard is looking neat and tidy, even if the dogs run around and frolic on them.

The problem that many dog owners face is identifying the right species of grass. The fact that there are many species does not make it any easier for you. You obviously want the best commodity from the market, and this is where we come in to assist you.

After thorough research, we have concluded that the best species are:

Best Grass for Dogs List


Scotts Kentucky Bluegrass

This is one of the best and most highly recommended brands for your lawns if you happen to have playful and energetic dogs. You will appreciate the product as the grass is quite low maintenance. This is because the grass repairs its self when it is damaged.

The product contains seeds of Kentucky Bluegrass, a species that is renowned for being tough and capable of withstanding wear and tear. You can be assured that your lawns are going to be neat even when the dogs are playing on them.

The rate at which this type of grass grows is quite fascinating, and you will have your lawns ready in just a matter of weeks. The grass is resilient, as it is capable of withstanding periods of drought. The grass is simply a must-have for any dog owners.


  • This species is quite low maintenance.
  •  It rapidly repairs itself, and can also stay green for long periods without continuous watering.
  • The grass is sturdy enough to withstand a lot of wear and tear. It quickly restores itself.
  • Your lawns will be ready quickly, as the grass grows very fast.


  • Though the growth is rapid, it may take some time before the seeds germinate.
  • You will need to plant the seeds in the springtime to guarantee germination.


Scotts Turf

If you live in an area that experiences sufficient rainfall, you might have noticed that it is even harder for you to maintain your lawns if your dogs played on them while they were wet. This product will assist you immensely in maintenance.

The perennial ryegrass seed offers high resistance to wear and tear even when it is wet. This species is great as it actively restores its self when it is trampled on. The maintenance is fairly low, though it is recommended that you water them every once in awhile, especially during the summer.

If your dog loves digging the lawn, then this is going to be the product for you, as it actively restores bare patches on the ground.


  • Unlike most species, this grass does not get damaged easily even when it is wet, making it ideal for those in rainy areas.
  • The grass restores itself rapidly, and this is a real bonus as dogs will not do much damage on them.
  • The species is highly resistant to common diseases affecting seedlings and grass in general.


  • Some users complain that the seedlings they purchased failed to germinate.
  • You might be required to use a fresh batch of soil on your yard to guarantee germination.



Very many buyers love this product because it is suitable for almost all types of soil. You will be getting a lot of flexibility with this product as it is one of the most adaptable species in the market. It is also tough and self-restoring, making it an excellent choice for dog owners.

This grass will remain lash green if it is properly maintained regardless of the season. It also offers significant resistance to drought, and this makes it ideal for people living in dry areas. The seeds germinate quickly over a period of one to three weeks.

One of the superb features with this type of grass is that it does not grow very tall. This will mean that you spend very little time mowing it. It also makes the grass low-maintenance and gives your dogs a great surface to play on. The product offers a lot of resistance to common grass diseases.


  • This is one of the most flexible species in terms of its adaptability to different types of soils.
  • The grass grows very fast. In as little as one week, you will notice that the germination progress has begun.
  • You will not have to struggle to cut the grass frequently, and it typically grows short.


  • Some users have complained that the seedlings did not germinate even after the stipulated period.
  • Some customers complain that only a few seedlings were able to germinate.


Scotts Bermudagrass

Maintaining a lawn in dry areas is normally a very difficult undertaking. Having dogs that play on those lawns makes this challenging task seem all the more impossible. This product will assist you in killing two birds with one stone, as it solves both these problems.

The species shows high resistance to drought. It will remain fresh in the scorching sun, and this gives you the assurance that it is going to be low maintenance, as it does not require frequent watering. The grass is also tough enough to withstand wear and tear.

This grass grows rapidly, and you will have a lush green lawn in a very short period of time. It is simply one of the best choices in the market.


  • This species offers very high resistance to drought. It is ideal for people living in areas that experience inadequate rainfall.
  • The grass grows very fast and expansively. It will cover your yard in a very short period of time.
  • The grass is low maintenance. It does not require frequent watering as it is resilient enough to withstand a lot of heat.


  • It may take some time for the seeds to germinate, even in ideal conditions.
  • During the initial growth phase, you will be required to water the grass a lot.


Pattern Seed Company

This is one of the toughest options available in the market. This grass typically grows very thick and is therefore not easily damaged, even in the event that your dogs dig into it. It is very resilient and dense, and this is why many dog owners prefer this brand.

This species is capable of withstanding every condition on either extreme. Whether it is a drought or the coldness of winter, your lawns will still remain green regardless of the conditions. The seeds normally sprout in two to three weeks.


  • This is one of the few products in the market that is capable of withstanding harsh climatic conditions on either extreme.
  • The grass does not allow for the growth of weeds; hence you can be assured that the quality of your lawn will be quite high.
  • The growth of the grass is rapid. It sprouts in as little as two weeks.


  • A portion of the users has complained that the seedlings completely failed to germinate.
  • Some parts of your lawns may be left bear after planting the seeds.

Factors to consider when purchasing the ideal grass for dogs

It is quite clear that dogs really enjoy playing in the grass. This has made it a nightmare to maintain our lawns and keep our yards tidy. But what can we really do about it? Dogs will be dogs, and it is just in their nature to play on our yards.

Lawn maintenance has been made a lot easier. This is because of the several species of grass, and there are many that will be tough enough to allow your dogs to play on, and still not get destroyed. It is now up to you to try and select the best type of grass.

Selecting the best product is one of the hardest things to do. If you have looked at most of the products in the market, they all seem to be ideal. This has made it challenging for many customers to select the best commodity.

For you to make the best choice, you have to be in a position to discriminate the products effectively and isolate the one that fits a certain set of characteristics. These product characteristics are what we intend to bring to your attention, as they will go a long way in assisting you to select the perfect commodity.
These characteristics are: 

The density of the grass 

You should always check to ensure that the species of the grass that you are purchasing is as thick and dense as possible. This is vital, as it will assist you to gauge how easily it can be destroyed and how much resistance to wear and tear it has to offer.

Thick grass is going to be ideal, as it will not easily get destroyed. Your dog can, therefore, enjoy playing on the surface of the grass without you having to worry about the damage being done. You will notice that the dense species have active self-restoration characteristics.

This means that even if the grass is trampled on, it will easily repair all by itself and this will make it so much easier for you to maintain your lawns. You can never go wrong with thick and dense species.

Resistance to weather

This is a critical consideration. The species that you choose to purchase should offer you great resistance to weather on either extreme. It should not dry up in the summer, and neither should it get damaged by the snow.

The climatic conditions of the area in which you reside should also have an impact on your choice of grass species. If you stay in a dry area, the grass you buy should offer great resistance to drought. This will make it very easy for you to maintain your lawns even in the scorching heat.

In some cases, seedlings have failed to germinate completely because of extreme weather. If it is too cold, the seedlings become inactive, and if it is too hot, they become denatures. Weather resistance will eliminate this problem.

Drought resistant grass will save you a lot of water, as they will consume less than what is required by other species.

Maximum growth height

It is always advised that you find out the maximum height that the grass can grow before you decide to purchase any species. This is because different species grow to different heights. This will largely impact the ease of maintenance that you will be getting.

The grass that you purchase should grow to a height that is easy for you to maintain. You should select a species that typically grows short, as it will eliminate the need to trim continuously. Your dogs would also be comfortable playing on short-grass rather than the tall species.

Short grass is also safe for you and your dogs as it does not harbour dangerous animals such as snakes.

Duration of growth

This is one of the most pivotal features of any species of grass. You should make sure that the growth rate of the seeds, in this case, is rapid, if you wish to have a fully matured lawn in a short period of time.

There are two aspects of growth, the duration preceding germination, and the growth thereafter. Many seeds would take a period of between two to three weeks to sprout, whereas some take longer. Ensure that the product that you are purchasing sprouts quickly.

The rate of growth may be influenced by the season. It is vital that you try to plant in springtime for the best results as the conditions during the period are ideal enough to facilitate rapid growth.

The spread of the grass

Ensure that the grass you are purchasing will spread rapidly and cover large areas of your yard. Also, plan the seed dispersion properly in order to avoid the disappointment of having bear patches appearing all over your lawn.

The type of seeds that you purchase should also all germinate. Some patches occur, not because the seeds are incapable of spreading correctly, but because some of the seeds failed to sprout. This can be caused by varying soil quality or even purchasing dead seeds.

Ensure that the product you are purchasing is of good quality, and also that you have good quality soil for the best results.

Price of the grass

Any rational buyer purchasing any commodity out there should purpose to ensure that the item that they intend to purchase falls within their budgetary limits. This will also be the case when we consider grass for dogs.

There are many options that are available in the market today that provide the user with an excellent degree of quality at a very affordable cost. You may find that the quality is greater than that of their expensive substitutes. Ensure that you will be getting value for your money before settling on a product.

You must note that the best quality of goods does not come cheap. This is the main reason why you should be prepared to spend extra if you want to get the best quality grass. If you get a good product whose price is a realistic reflection of its quality, then it will be worthwhile to invest in it.

Resistance to diseases

This is one of the principal qualities of a good quality product. The species that you choose to invest your money in should give you the assurance that it will offer resistance to diseases that normally affect the grass.

You will find that your loan is of poor quality, or happens to have a lot of patches. This is not uncommon, as diseases such as brown patch and large patch are commonly affiliated with many species of grass. For the best quality grass, be sure to select one that is sturdy enough to resist these types of ailments.

Adaptability to different kinds of soil

If at all, you are going to select the best commodity, be sure to pick the one that will offer you a great deal of flexibility when it comes to compatibility with varying soil samples. You would not want to purchase a product, only for it to fail to sprout on account of incompatibility.

There are various brands that sell species that can thrive regardless of the type of soil on which they are grown. stIt would be advisable for you to purchase from these brands. You can also make an inquiry with the seller and find out whether the soil sample would be ideal for a certain type of grass.

Basic grass and lawn maintenance for dog owners

In this article, we have identified the best species of grass for dog owners and the selection criteria for these species. No matter how well you have made your selection, maintenance is key. Some of the ways in which you can do this include:

Removing poop from the lawn: Dog poop is known to reduce the quality of grass. It is a pollutant that when left to accumulate, will affect the health of your grass.

Keep your dog off wet grass: When grass is wet, it is most vulnerable to destruction. Try your best keep your dog away from wet grass.

Water down pee immediately: urine contains high levels of ammonia and other nitrogenous waste that is normally toxic to grass. It may cause the grass to discolour and die with time. You should ensure that you hose the urine spots down to prevent the toxins from accumulating.

Keep it short: Ensure that you try as much as possible to keep the length of the grass reasonably short. Long grass attracts all kinds of critters, some of which could be dangerous and could cause harm to your dog. Ensure that you trim your lawns frequently to keep other animals away.

Use non-toxic fertilizer: Always use a fertilizer that does not contain ingredients that could harm your dog. It is advised that you make use of organic fertilizer, as it is safe for your dog since it does not contain harmful chemicals.

Basic training: Ensure that you train your dog to use designated areas to poop and pee so that you don't have to struggle to maintain your loans.


We all desire to have properly maintained beautiful loans. We would also like our dogs to be happy and have a surface where they can play and roam freely. They usually do this on the yard, and in so doing, our lawns end up getting ruined in the process.

How then do you ensure that you ensure that your yard is maintained and that your dogs are happy? For you to do this, you have to invest in a grass that is capable of withstanding wear and tear that is typically caused by our dogs.

There are various species that of grass that offer some resistance to the damage that is caused by dogs, some of which are more effective than others. This is the reason why we have to try and select the best species. It is our hope that this piece has guided you in identifying the best product.

It will be understandable if you are still unsure of what the best commodity would be. If this is the case, then do not worry, we have got an excellent recommendation for you. I suggest that you give Scotts Kentucky Bluegrass a chance.

The product is low maintenance, resilient to heat and damage, and it also grows very fast, and this makes it an excellent choice. You will surely not be disappointed.

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